My Thoughts on...Milestone Returns - Year One

I have to come clean about something. I wasn’t aware of the existence of Milestone until the announcement of the Milestone Initiative. As a kid, I was a fan of the show Static Shock but I forgot Static was a DC character for years. Due to me not being alive back when Milestone originally published comics, I never read those original stories. But after checking out the new Static book that recently came out, I figured I should read all the other books. So, let’s just dive right in with…


The one-shot sets the stage for the first wave of books to come out. I don’t have a lot of thoughts about this single issue since it’s mainly set up for the main books, but there is some cool and interesting stuff that grabs your attention. But now, we witness the return of the cool with…


I think this is a great mini-series! There is a sense of life and energy in this book that really engaged me and sucked me in. Virgil is relatable, as well as the struggles and motivations of many of these characters. The only major exception is Hotstreak, who isn’t a super deep or complex villain. But I wasn’t expecting him to be that, and he still provided importance in the form of pushing Virgil’s arc. I also appreciate the unique openness Virgil has with his family and close friends about him being a new hero. But let’s now take a look at someone who has more experience with…


Let me just say that I love the concept of this book. An alien who has been on Earth for close to two hundred years meets a young girl that pushes him to reconnect with the planet and help it. Their journey is made more intriguing and smart when they address more societal and abstract problems that plague the world as well as specific communities. And I just appreciate this is a hero & sidekick book. I understand that in modern superhero stories, young heroes just start off on their own as opposed to being taken under a hero’s wing and there are good reasons for this shift. But I do feel like something is lost when we move away from sidekicks because the younger heroes are also important to the more established heroes. And this book shows that importance in a couple of key moments. The only minor criticism I have is the timeline. The “Milestone Returns” one-shot has the Big Bang in Dakota as the kicking-off event for this universe, which does make sense. But this mini-series actually starts off before that happens, which does feel kinda weird. Plus, one other kit pick I have is that we don’t really see the public’s reaction to Icon & Rocket’s official debut to the world. Instead, we get a news reporter interviewing people about who Icon & Rocket are and not getting any cooperation. But we do see how the first encounter and important conversation between Icon and Rocket play out, which is just as essential. Finally, let’s wrap up the first year with…


Curtis Metcalf is on the run as Alva Industries frames him as the one responsible for the Big Bang in Dakota. Now, Curtis has the making of an interesting character which we do see a bit off in this mini-series. But I just feel like something is missing to make me as interested in this book as the others. The story feels and proceeds like other similar stories/movies with the same general premise without a whole lot to make it unique. This could very much just be a me thing and have nothing to do with the book itself. And I still want to see more of this character, so hopefully I feel differently about his other outings.

And that’s a wrap for the first year of stories! Overall, I really dig these characters, stories and world. Tell me what you think of these books. And also tell me if you’ve read the original MIlestone comics and your thoughts on those stories.


I agree with you about Hardware Season One.

I think it just lacks depth as despite the strong premise I also didn’t feel this story was interesting as it should have been. I am a huge fan of the character in the original series but I was honestly disappointed in his characterization here.
Curtis Metcalf is an incredibly complex hero. In the first arc, he was ruthless. He didn’t care about the ethical concerns regarding what he does to win against Alva and even when he became more heroic as the series goes on, he still was a selfish individual who was just self-aware to know of his own faults as a person to try to be a better hero.

He certainly has moments here like when he threatens cops who want to arrest him when he is trying to save a child.

That is a great moment but everything about Hardware even his rivalry with Edwin Alva is sanitized in this book. Fortunately for us, he’s actually properly depicted in Hardware vs Icon miniseries where all his quirks as a hero are shown.


It’s gonna be a minute before I get to that. Have to read through the Year 2 titles, Blood Syndicate & Duo