My Thoughts and Questions about Titans

Season 1: Can someone explain a few things to me.

  1. Do the Titans ever stop killing in the show? It is kind of annoying that Robin’s years of training to stop killing is forgotten in one sentence.
  2. Why is Jason so ridiculously messed up? A 19 year old psychopath with a drinking problem isn’t someone I can see Batman training. With this Jason it doesn’t seem like that much of a surprise he becomes Red Hood.
  3. Anyone else feel like the swear words sound kind of misplaced and fake? There are times when the actors just sound like they were forced to do it. The only person who can make a swear word sound natural in Titans is Hawk. He swears so profusely that it reminds me of my coworkers.
    My thoughts going into Season 2:
  4. Will the Titans kind of set some limits for themselves and become more heroic? Start saving more lives instead of ending them.
  5. The changes in Starfire and Raven’s costumes look awesome. I like them way more. I wish Star’s green eyes were a bit more noticeable.
  6. Can’t wait for Rose, Superboy, and Krypto.
  7. I hope Dick becomes Nightwing by the season finale. I do have a few complaints about what kind of Nightwing he will be, but I am just going to wait and see.
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Also, can we get Beast Boy some clothes. This seems like an issue they would solve. But I am only on eps. 7 so I am not sure if that problem is solved yet.

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you are right about the swearing, Hank in particular. Apparently foul language is part and parcel of dark and gritty. That being said, I liked it when it first aired, and i am enjoying the rewatch in preparation for the watch along. I have yet to rewatch the episode, but what I liked about the Jason Todd ep was how they showed me why Dick walked away from Batman’s world. Jason likes hurting people. He even rationalizes it by drawing attention to the costume: “I’m a distraction!”

So long as Dick leads by example on the no killing, i am sure it’ll work out… And the cuss words will be less fake and more properly placed

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I think the “curse words” felt out of place because they’ve never really been part of a comic book show before Titans. In rewatching it now, they don’t seem so “out of place/forced” upon first viewing it.

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The cussing feels less out of place in the later episodes of the season. F-bombs aside, the occasional sh!t in whatever usage, if well placed, works.

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Do you listen to how people 14 to 13 actually talk?


That’s supposed to say 14 to 30, btw

I work with people 18-63. I know how almost every age group swears. For some of my coworkers, their “Ums” are f-words. I consider myself an expert on that subject.
Swearing aside though, this show really doesn’t make Jason’s change that significant. He puts on a Hood and still kills people. The only difference is now he is the arrow instead of the “target.”

I think the issue: trends. Dark and gritty are in, and people think a harsher rating means automatic quality product. DC Universe has really gone all out since they don’t have to abide by the same censorship as networks. It’s been a disservice in my opinion.

The killing doesn’t stop. Hopefully season 2 addresses this. You can’t have us side with the main characters about being better than the villains when there isn’t a line in the sand somewhere. Dick’s arguments have no ground when chastising Jason, and it gets more apparent in later episodes. While I’m still invested in this show, i’m only cautiously excited for season 2. Season 1 didn’t have any resolution, and season 2 is already teasing the next big bad for a team that didn’t officially form. Most haven’t even met the first big bad!

Fingers crossed it gets better and drops the “I try to hard to earn my MA rating” attitude.

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All in all i love it its dark and gritty. Considering the type of villains they’re facing it fits. I would love to see an actual Batman cameo and dr.fate. I’m literally counting the days for season 2. TITANS GO !!!

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I think the fact that everybody knows (except maybe Jason) that Dick’s holier than thou statements are BS. Including Grayson himself. He is trying to escape the cycle of violence but is stuck. I think that as we get Nightwing in S2 (that is speculation, but Grayson needs a new suit anyway) that is the arc for S2. S1 is people are lost and trying to figure out who they are. S2 will be getting past their individual issues holding each back, and they grow into actually being The Titans.

I’m really curious to see how they grow Donna Troy this season. Do they get her back in the fold of being a hero and putting on the suit again?

There seems to be a layer of guilt in most of the main characters besides maybe jason. Jason seems like another adaptation of why jason was different than Dick. the oly curse word that jumped out to me was the really bad one in the original trailer. can’t wait for season 2

@ DeSade-acolyte

I think that is very possible, especially as the trailer showed him and Bruce on much better terms. Perhaps shedding the darkness will be the catalyst for the transformation into Nightwing. More witty banter, less brutality.

I think Donna will join the new team. The reluctant hero turned mentor for the younger members would work well.

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