My Rating of the Batman Arkham Games

1.Arkham Knight
2.arkham City
3.Arkham asylum (this game traumatized me with killer croc)
I haven’t played Arkham origins


City, Knight, Origins, Asylum

Highly recommend Origins. Even though it’s not Rocksteady, it’s still a fantastically made game w/ a unique style, interesting story, awesome boss fights and some surprisingly phenomenal voice acting


I have to agree with your order. I was also traumatized by Croc in the first game and have not played Origins.

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I agree on Origins. I think that Deathstroke fight is the most frustrating things I’ve dealt with in a game, but overall the game is solid. I think a lot of people zeroed in on the fact it wasn’t Rocksteady and it didn’t have Conroy or Hamill, so automatically it was “garbage”

The only nit-pick I have about the game is the Joker/Black Mask. We could have easily had Black Mask be the main villain without having to shoehorn Joker in there. but even then, if that’s my main gripe, that’s still pretty good.

I’m always in awe of that Firefly fight.


Campain: City, Asylum, Origins, Knight

Overall: City, Knight, Origins, Asylum

Asylum lacks in the challenge mode department and Knight had such an improved predator mode. A shame they didn’t make the most of it in the campaign.

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Origins > Asylum > City >>> Knight

Mine is based strictly on story then I consider gameplay. Knight had the best gameplay with the improved combat and predator systems but it just wasn’t enough to save it from that god awful story vs the others which already had good gameplay but WAY better stories.