My Personal DC Shwag / Green Lantern Corps and Batman

My Green Lantern Corps ( challenge coing with oath ) about the size of a US Nickle

More Green Lantern Corps Shwag

Rings are custom made ( not by me ) and are made of resin ( not some cheap resin either ) Rings and coin made by same person.

Not sure if we are allowed to mention where we purchased such custom items from, once someone can confirm if we are or not, feel free to mention where the rings and coin is from or ill mention it later. or message me. Purchased a new GLC Ring hope to get it some time in Feb.

Some Batman shwag, Batarang bought at my local comic book shop ( rubber by DC with holster ) along with the Batmobile from the animated series; and the statue is from Hush ( hence the book ) magnetic base ( and that hal jordan statue is magnetic as well)

An some playing cards that I am only collecting .

Question for those of you who have purchased statues, do you keep the boxes ? I think pending on the artist and the piece, the boxes can add to the value for collectors, I am not sure. Or I could be completely wrong and it could be worth diddly.


I think you keep it safe, never know when it might be valuable. :grinning:Cool collection by the way.

Ty !


Hey man, awesome collection! Gotta get me some cards like those! I am a card collector myself. I have 50-60 decks, mostly bicycle, but I would make an exception for some cards like those!

I love your Batman “shwag” in particular the batarang! Sadly I don’t have a comic shop in my town (1 or 2 that have vintage stuff, and one that has some new 52 and rebirth). Although I have a collectors shop with some amazing DC collectibles.

Transforming coffee cup?

I’ve never been the biggest GL fan, I read part of green lanterns (Simon and Jessica), and I really liked it. I also love blackest night!
Are there any storylines you would suggest for a new green lantern fan?


Yeah that coffee cup transforms with hot liquid, I got it on Amazon, Amazon has a good selection of color changing coffee mugs, ya just search something like Batman, etc coffee mug, or add in color changing, pretty easy to find, the cards i got at my local Barnes and Noble book store of all places, ( on discount ) some of the pictures on the cards repeat some dont , pending on the pack, I am a complete die hard GL Fan, and I have the complete collection of GL Blackest Night which is what got me kicked off on it, i had to actually back track to the Sinestro Corps War to really get on track with things. I haven’t picked up on the story lines for Simon and Jessica much but oddly enough, I can relate a lot more with Jessica Cruz than any of the lanterns out there. A new GL story taking place that isn’t too well known, is in DC’s Young Animal / Far Sector ( N.K Jemisin and Jamal Campbell ) deals with a brand new member to the corps and takes place outside of the normal corps members and is more of a detective /cop story, but I would have to say, is easy to get confused with, and i intend on rereading it all once i get all the issues. The most recent story line with the core members is with The Green Lantern Intergalactic Lawman with Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp, this is spot on awesome over the top crazy amazing art work with a very cool story ( gets a lil confusing in parts but then jumps back n ties stuff together ) and then after that it is wrapping up with Green Lantern Blackstars. BUT if you really really REAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLY want to get a better grasp on the Green Lantern Corps and Hal Jordan and want to appreciate it better, I would suggest hitting up Amazon or your fave book store and buying two TradePaper backs, one being, Green Lantern / Green Arrow by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams this is from the early 70s and it deals with so much good stuff, you got a friendship between Oliver Queen and Hal Jordan, and them trecking across the country going through a lot of trials. An in the early stories it hits on racism and other stuff. The next suggestion which really should of been my first, is another Trade Paper back, is Green Lantern The Greatest Stories ever told and the title is what the book is about, just the greatest hits from the very early days to like maybe the 80s or 90s. After those two trade paper backs, you are well on your way, and really, if you loved blackest night you are well on your way to getting sucked into the Green Lantern Corps, An you would probably love Dceased if you have not already read it ( which isn’t Green Lantern but still )

If you are on the hunt for some cool batarangs i know ETSY and Ebay have a bunch, thing is ya gotta decide what exactly you want and make sure to check the sellers reputation.

Oh also, since you enjoy playing cards, a great website for playing cards is ArtofPlay .