My Journey Through Birds of Prey (1998)

After a few years of having this series patiently waiting on my Need to Read list, I’ve decided to pull the trigger. Today, I begin my journey reading the original comic book series…Birds of Prey!

I decided to create this thread so I can share my thoughts as I go along. It’s also a good place for other fans of the series to share their thoughts and just celebrate a famous title from DC’s library of titles. I can promise that once a week I’ll reply to this thread saying how many issues I’ve read for the week, but that doesn’t mean I won’t participate in whatever conversations might be going on in the thread. I’ve already read the 5 one-shots (below is my favorite cover from the bunch) and tomorrow I dive into the official first issue of the ongoing. Join me as I take on this exciting mission!


Off to a great start so far! Below are my favorite covers:

A couple of panels that help give this book more of a spy thriller vibe as opposed to a superhero vibe, which I dig:

A touching scene between Babs and DIck that I like:

As well as something I needed to hear from Babs considering the BULL that happened to her in The Killing Joke:

And some scenes that I found either humorous or cool for a variety of different reasons. Including a shout-out to Minnesota, my state of residence:

Screenshot 2023-06-17 7.15.51 AM

Screenshot 2023-06-17 8.12.21 AM


Fellow Minnesotan Bird of Prey fan! :smiley:


Holy crap, for real?


Read it folks.

You will believe Greg Land can draw.

And draw well.


For the realest of reals, ya sure you betcha!

or at least pick better sources to trace :wink:


I’ll give a more complete update on my journey soon. But I want to shout out to @Huntress_Helena because I’m deep into Simone’s run on BOP and Huntress is in full badass mode! Below is a shot of her getting ready for a date she had to accept to save Dinah from Savant (she is gorgeous! :heart_eyes: )and a couple of covers featuring her. Including the cover for issue 69 which I can sum up in one word - NICE!


Simone’s journey with Helena is so powerful - full of detail, passion, and awesome crossbow action!


This cover is gorgeous! It’s also one of my favorite comics.


Gotta be honest…Huntress is slowly pushing her way into my Top 10 Heroes/Comic Characters list


I am so happy to hear that! She really is an awesome character!


Yesssss. Slowly, the purple heroines fans will rise!


Week 1 of my reading journey has come to a close, and this is my weekly update (part 1 of 2). At this point, I’ve read…100 issues! Wow, this is going to be a shorter journey than I originally predicted. I’ve read through Chuck Dixon’s run and almost done with Gail Simone’s.

Dixon’s run was very fun! It had more comedic moments than Simone’s, though those moments never overshadowed the importance of some scenes and the character development. And I loved how there was a bunch of missions outside of Gotham and the US. Simone’s run had more activity in or closer to Gotham, but it worked for the kind of stories she was exploring. Her run was also a bit tougher and focused a bit more on character development without as much funny moments. Not that there weren’t any. It’s just that she clearly had more of an interest in the heavier elements of her stories. While at first the tone change at the beginning of her run threw me off, Simone’s work is still an organic continuation of the character development Dixon started.

The reason this update is a two-parter is mainly because I want to spread out some images I took during my reading. To close off this Part 1 post, here is a small selection of cool covers I liked


Part 2 of my two-part weekly update! This is mainly to show off some cool panels from within the comics I’ve read, but I’ll provide a little commentary…

It’s strangely comforting to know that even the Joker isn’t crazy enough to enjoy the show “Cats”

Stop flirting in front of the child you two!
Screenshot 2023-06-17 11.03.22 AM

Dinah and Babs finally meeting face to face after surviving an intense confrontation with Blockbuster and his men was a touching moment

Dinah just took that guy’s pants. Because girls just want to have fun!

It feels kinda weird to see Huntress hang upside-down when I’ve never seen comic book Batman do that

Don’t make that face Helena - we both know how your date with Josh ended!

Oh, for crying out loud…someone please teach Savant how to work as an undercover operative!

You know that quote from Bill Hader on SNL? The one where he feels both scared and “excited”? This applies to this moment from the comics for me

Not only does this show that Dinah now cares for Helena, but I like it whenever someone calls out Batman on his BS
Screenshot 2023-06-22 11.31.30 PM

Over the course of Gail’s run, I’ve grown to absolutely love Huntress. I already thought she was a cool character before. But her development in this title makes her such a complex and loveable character. I keep gushing!

Also, she knows how to use common sense, a rare superpower in a superhero universe.
Screenshot 2023-06-22 11.43.39 PM

Black Canary - super serious vigilante!

Seriously Dinah, can you take this seriously just once?


Now that my brain has rebooted…Lady Shiva is such an underrated character. I don’t see a lot of her but I’m always left wanting more. FYI Jade Canary is an awesome code name

Gotham City! Where the kids are A-Holes!

I always liked Ted Kord’s friendship with Babs. But part of me does wonder what they REALLY cyber-chatted with each other before they met in person. Me thinks the two of them engaged in cybersex

Seriously, what is up with the children from this title?

I have virtually no knowledge of the Blackhawks. But Lady Blackhawk was a fun member of the team

When this story started off, Dinah was in a bad spot and Babs needed help to feel like she can still make a difference. While I still have a couple dozen issues left in the OG BOP book, this moment right here captures how true and beautiful their friendship has become
Screenshot 2023-06-23 3.06.31 PM

As mentioned, I still have a chunk of the book’s original run to go through. But until then, keep on being awesome everybody!


It’s so absolutely true! Helena Bertinelli Forever!

Zinda is so fantastic!


I’ve finished the original BOP book! And wow, I thought this journey would last longer than it did. I could always check out the 15 issues Gail series that came right afterward. And there are a couple of mini-series I can circle back to.

Now that I’ve finished, I can safely say I loved this series! I’ll see this as primarily Dixon’s & Simone’s work, but I appreciate the work put in by other writers. Those other issues were pretty good, despite some minor nitpicks I might have. Nothing to ruin the characters or book of course. It is always amazing to read about Babs, but I think I gained a new appreciation for Black Canary. Always thought she was cool and enjoyed her in the Rebirth BOP, and the DC animated shows as a kid. But seeing their friendship grow during this series was a treasure.

Huntress…OK, I’ll admit it. She had made it into my Top 10 Heroes/Comic Characters list. Helena was amazing, badass, vulnerable, and just all-around cool. It was also cool to see other members join the team. Lady Blackhawk was a standout for me. And while Manhunter’s time is short and wasn’t as close to the others, I am interested in searching out her own stories.

This book is the stuff of comic book legends.

“Un-Guy?” Come on Manhunter, that was weak. And thank the villain for him complimenting your attack!

I mean…your not wrong

HELL YEA! Show that Spy Smasher A-Hole her place!

“I want to be, the VERY BEST! Like no one ever was! To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause!”…sorry, I blacked out for a minute.
Screenshot 2023-06-23 9.25.46 PM

Love the outfit. Only comment.

Carface needs to be the Thanos of the new DC cinematic universe. And show some damn respect Helena!

WTF Babs? What’s wrong with the name “Birds of Prey”?

The Joker has done a lot of horrible things. But smoking a cigarette? Unforgivable!

Hey man, this happens when a series or IP goes on long enough. You have to upgrade the skills of your characters.


I first read the comics with Ed Benes art and then years later read them all.

Chuck Dixon sure had a thing for time travel. I think there were three time travel stories which each went on for a few months in his 40 something issue run.

Something I would like for a future Birds of Prey story now that there is more than just Black Canary as an agent after Chuck left is if random Birds of Prey members are sent back in time to stop an enemy and that way the cast could be different with new interactions each set up and there are so many cool time periods they could explore.

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Yea, I could see that being pretty cool

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I shouldn’t be surprised because Birds of Prey is a pretty darn good.

That’s what I miss about this time for the character. I can’t say I dislike her because that wouldn’t be true, but ever since the 2010s, compare to other antiheroes in Gotham like Harley Quin and Red Hood. I’m genuinely sad that Helena Bertinelli, Huntress, has been largely just a glorified cameo in most DC stories.

I like her as well. I myself don’t know about her outside this series, and that’s fine because I think this where she supposed to belong. As a legacy character, she really sells the name of the Blackhawks and I hope we can see more of her in the future with the birds of prey. Outside of Hop Harriagan, she’s probably my favorite air pilot in the DC universe.

I think along with this series and her time in the JLA that Dina Lance became my top favorite members of the Justice League.

Hope you found time to look at that series.

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I did check out the 15-issue series! I thought it was pretty good. But I felt like it was doing just a bit too much a bit too quickly and had too much of a bite to it at the beginning

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