My Favorite Stories from...Harley Quinn Black + White + Redder

Wait a minute…Harley’s anthology series gets a sequel but Wonder Woman’s doesn’t? Where is my follow-up to Black and Gold DC?!

In all seriousness, I’m glad that the Harley Quinn anthology series got a sequel. There are a lot of stories centered around her that can be told. While the first series was a digital-first book with each chapter being released like how an individual comic issue would be, the sequel Redder is formatted more like the Wonder Woman anthology. Six issues were released with each one collecting three stories. This time around, I will be naming my favorite story from each of the six issues. Without further ado, let’s begin with…

Issue 1 - Push Through The Pain

A young Harley joins the gymnastics team, with the coach being a great C word to the girls. One night after the coach puts Harley through a torturous session and scolds her, Harley decides to impose actual torture on the coach later on. There is a twisted part of me that likes seeing a young Harley be sadistic while still doing it to people who probably deserve it.

Issue 2 - Coffee and Pie, Oh My!

After Harley returns to Gotham and gets into a brawl at a diner, she has a sit-down with Jim Gordon. The two of them have a real honest conversation between the two. It gives you insight into how the two view each other, which we don’t get a ton of in the main continuity. After Gordon realizes that Harley’s version of what happened was the truth, the two are on better terms and Gordon does look like he wants to see Harley become a better person. Really sweet. I’ll probably buy the physical trade based on this story alone.

Issue 3 - The Rebound

After Harley and Mistah J split up, Harley finds herself attached and doing crimes with…a cat! It’s entertaining seeing Harley trying to take care of something else for a change. We also get to see how Harley’s time with the cat has helped her through some issues.

Issue 4 - A Voice Traveling

Harley meets up with an old friend from med school and they run into a bully from back then that used to pick on both of them. Harley finds out he’s a criminal and decides to put the beat down on him, as revenge for what he used to do back then to Harley and her friend.

Issue 5 - The Harley Spirit

Set in the medieval period, this shows an alternate version of Harley suffering abuse only to be brought into a Witch’s Coven that includes a version of Ivy. Through some rituals and magic, the spirit of the Harlequin becomes a vengeful spirit on all men who seek to cause harm. It’s a fun, dark spin on Harley’s journey that fits the time period.

Issue 6 - Dr. Quinzel’s Couples Counseling

Harley comes across a couple that argues a lot and decides to kidnap them and force them to reconcile their differences. It’s a very…Harley way of dealing with things. But we do see the couple eventually work together to break out. And that appears to be good enough for Harley to rejoice! Funny but also shows how much of a romantic she is.

What are some of YOUR favorite stories?