My Adventures with Superman Season 1 Spoiler Discussion Thread

Here you can talk about the newest show based around Superman, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen.


The stills look nice.


Since it doesn’t say it’s a spoiler discussion, I’ll blur a few things - at least until we’re told otherwise by a moderator.

I’m enjoying the cold open flashbacks of the two episodes so far. I’m not too fond of making Jor-El look like a video game big boss, albeit the second look at him in episode two was a bit more toned down as far as how he acted towards Clark. And I can appreciate that the show needed to have young/kid Clark be a bit afraid of the Jor-El (hologram? I guess) so set up the fact that he had no knowledge of Krypton at the start and apparently even as episodes progress and throughout the season. I was also not fond of the faux Klingon take on an alien language, it just seems pointless and unnecessary, not to mention lazy.

I’m not a fan of the government conspiracy aspect and I think they are throwing in too many people with having Livewire and Slade, the Wall, etc. already be in Metropolis and the show as early as the first two episodes. If this is the kind of city and crime that exists in this version of Metropolis, then something like the Science Police and/or Guardian should have also been introduced (or will hopefully be introduced by the third episode.

I’m enjoying Jimmy although his fixation on aliens makes him a strange roommate for Clark. So far Lois is as annoying as the early episodes made Erica out to be in Smallville (IMHO) but fans by and large liked her, so that may be. I’m less concerned about Quaid after these two episodes and he’s definitely fine on all the Clark Kent dialogue, but I still wish they had gotten someone who would have worked as both a young nervous naive Clark and even a fresh, new and unsure/questioning Superman. Not necessarily someone as cocky as say Matt Lanter’s voice work for Clone Wars, but a bit more like Yuri Lowenthal at the age and voice pitch he had for the 2000s LoSH cartoon, or Josh Keaton (but his voice pitch in 2006-2007) for Spectacular Spider-Man.


Just finished watching it and I’m into it. The animation is smooth, the characters all feel fresh and yet true to their core, and they seem to be setting up some interesting mysteries around both Krypton and this iteration of the DCU.

I have to say, though, seeing that great costume transformation and then Ma Kent coming in with her ideas made me like:



Awe:superman:ome™:+1: start.

The flashbacks were cool seeing Clark discover more. Jimmy and Clark as roommates is also a cool choice.

Fun start learning about the characters as they become a team. Clark becomes Supes and Lois and Clark grow closer.

The villains too. Livewire ,Slade, Waller, (was that Flag with here on the right?). Did not expect Slade. An interesting take but cool to see him in it.

The style reminds me of cartoon’s back when I was a kid. Enjoy that.

My favorite part is probably just seeing this trio and adventures. Nice to see a Super Hero doing things with secret identities and human partners and such. Feel we don’t see that as much anymore so nice to see it.

Overall a great premier exited for more

What’s Slade and Waller up too? Why did Perry lie in the byline? What next for our heroes? All this and more Same :superman:uper Time Same :superman:uper Channel


In journalism, interns might get mentioned, they would rarely get by-lines. However, the interns should have foreknowledge, not find out at publication. It’s a weird wrinkle that was just written for the LOLZ, and is exactly the kind of thing that irritates me because it reflect lazy writing, and you know that these writers would be the ones on a picket line at this very moment who would complain about a lack of proper and due credit for a story idea or for significant dialogue, etc. etc.

For those who are in the USA and haven’t yet watched these, the first episode - at least - can be viewed here legally at Adult Swim’s website:


I watch the first two episodes today on Max for the first time,I really enjoy it! Looking forward to see new episode each week.:smiley:

I really like Martha Kent, she knows that red trunk belong on Superman!:slightly_smiling_face:



I really enjoyed the first two episodes! Very cute and fun :superman:


Enjoyed these 2 episodes very much !

I assume we’ll get the intro in episode 3 now that he has the suit.

Perry White’s straight man to our rag-tag-ish group is hilarious.
The funniest moment for me was when Clark walked in on Jimmy recording his video with the lights off :laughing: caught me off guard

Besides the great comradery between the trio + cute Clark and Lois moments I appreciate the Cat in tree save as your friendly neighborhood Clark and as Superman telling the villain “I’m not here to hurt you I’m here to help”. It’s just so great to have a pure Superman/Clark cartoon series for another generation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Superman. Trunks. YES!
I am so glad Ma Kent contributed to his suit. Nice way to have it made up from his Kryptonian parent(s) and Earthly parent(s).

Looking forward to more!


I liked the voice work. I was a little startled at her physical appearance, particularly when they showed the older version of her in episode two, whereas Jonathan pretty much looked the same as in the flashbacks.

I do like having them alive and being a part of the story, and as I said elsewhere, the short flashbacks in the opening are a true pleasure and I hope they keep that and they can keep the visits in the present to Smallville and the farm to a minimum, but definitely it’s nice it is an option for the show.

Definitely, that has been the real pleasure in this.

So true!


Yeah, I have no idea why they felt the need to go for the underwear, I thought we were past that.


Save the cat is like a thing in literature, right?


It’s more of a modern thing.

You didn’t really see it early on, in say the first 30-40 years of stories, certainly not in the Golden Age books, although there are possibly versions of it in some Silver Age (mid to late 1950s and onward) stories I am presently forgetting; it’s really more of a modern trope that they even lamp-shaded it in a Bizarro story during the Rebirth initiative:


Huh, well, all right.


I’m sure for MAWS, it was also more of a lamp-shade, easy humor reference. I mean, a decade ago, they did exactly that in the digital first comics that continued the Smallville TV show that they called Season 11 (even though saving cats was not something ever done in the TV show even over an entire 10 years):


Finally watched the first 2 episodes. I enjoyed it. I was a little confused who the audience was, it was more or less kid friends but it was on Adult Swim. I mean I don’t expect every Adult Swim show to have Rick and Morty energy, but nothing really screamed “show for adults” but at the same time there was a bit more violence and talk of killing someone than a true kid show. Not really a complaint just weird but when it isn’t clear who a show is made for it can end up having trouble findin an audience, also think putting it on adult swim could give people expectations it won’t live up to.

But on it’s own it was an enjoyable show. A good take on the Superman mythos, all three of the main characters were written well and had good chemistry with each other, and felt like fresh but still familiar takes on Clark, Lois and Jimmy.

Also like that it seems Lois likes Clark more than Superman. I like the “in love with the superhero but not the secret identity” trope and no denying the idea Lois was so hung up on this guy who was around her all the time and she never noticed was part of what made Superman appeal to the masses. But in mainstream media it has been done so much it will be refreshing to see a weekly show embrace this take which is more in line with the comics now.

I didn’t get that was supposed to be Slade Wilson and honestly, he is an odd choice for one of the first villains in the comics. But this show is clearly going to give a new take on the villains so will see where they go with it.

Only real gripe is I hope that Sailor Moon type transforation into the Superman suit was a one time thing because the ship gave him the costume, and not how he will change every time as that would be kind of weird. Although he did physically take the suit off later, so guessing it will be. While I think people blew that part way out of proportion as if Superman’s main character trait is how he changes into the suit, won’t deny it would take some getting used to if that is how he changes.

Am looking forward to the next episode. This looks like a fun series and while being on Adult Swim might keep some kids from watching it, even though there is nothing they can’t handle in this show so far, I think it is great a new generation has an animated Superman show to call their own, and looks like this one will be doing the character justivce.


For those still concerned about the promotion, CN/Adult Swim has now put the first episode of My Adventures With Superman on YouTube (possibly geocoded so this may not play outside North America?):


It slaps! Animated and cartoon people always touch my heart in ways that live action can’t.


Things I didn’t expect at all but make me happy:

  1. Superman’s Sailor Moon transformation scene is hilariously amazing and I want it to be a staple of every episode. It needs it’s own special music and everything I am so serious right now.

  2. All-father Odin Jor-El oh my GOD what a cool lookin’ dude.

  3. Deathstroke is apparently a hot anime dude with the flippy one-sided bangs that hot anime dudes always seem to have. I am so massively emotionally conflicted that it hurts. But like, in a good way? WHY YOU SO CUTE SLADE.


I agree about the loving Clark first, Superman never, that always bothered me. It’s why I love the portrayals in Smallville and Superman & Lois, granted in Smallville they kind of went loving the Blur for a little while, but other than that Lois loved Clark only.