Music that moved you

I got to thinking about all the iconic themes from various DC media and how just hearing it would bring me back to moments in time.

  1. Batman 1989 theme: I was in school band at the time. The way the music would gradually grow louder, how exciting it was for us to play it. Plus we had a gong! Oh the gong was a big hit when we played for the younger kids even if it meant they each took a turn banging it. My ears still ring.
  2. Batman the Animated Series: yes another version of the theme from 1, but I can remember after school, sitting down excited to see another episode. I would sit there with my snack of sunflower seeds and watch raptly as characters I had never seen before came to life.
  3. Smallville: Somebody come save me! They treated Clark right as someone coming into their own with enough WB teen angst to keep him human. I watched this as I was older but I could not miss what happened. I get chills when I hear the theme and when they teased it during Elseworlds crossover as they approached the Kent farm.
    What are your favorite themes and what memories go they bring up?
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  1. John Williams Superman theme, and the track “The Planet Krypton.” Both uplifting and chill inducing.

  2. Hans Zimmers Man Of Steel score brings me back to opening night when I saw the movie and was mind blown. Man of Steel is one of the movies that propelled me to read comics.

  3. Hans Zimmers Dark Knight score also gives me a similar feeling of seeing the movie for the first time. Especially the music at the end of the movie which swells and still gets me a little emotional.

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@TheDarkKnieves those were some great choices! The John Williams score perfectly sets you up for the grand scope of Superman. I will have to watch Man of Steel again to hear the theme as I don’t remember it but Hans Zimmer is a genius.

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I would especially recommend “Flight,” “This is Clark Kent,” “Oil Rig,” and “What are you going to do when you’re not saving the world,” which is the main theme.

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The main theme on Arkham City always motivated me to be Batman