#Mullet for Superman

If henry Cavill won’t, we should have it happen in the follow up to death of Superman (animated)


Yes,mullet superman is the best tbh and needs to be in a movie.


Never saw that hair as a mullet. More like wild classic rock long hair and a mullet being Nightwing in Batman TAS


All day every day.
This was such a missed opportunity for the Justice League movie.

I hope the Reign of the Superman animated movie gets this right. I also hope they take opportunity to change that goofy new52 costume.

Yeah that’s goofy and not the classic res undies

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When I heard they’re making a new Death and Return of Superman adaption I really wanted to see that 90s Dan Jurgens style, complete with the long haired Superman, that would have been awesome, so I’m kinda upset we just the New 52 style again.