Would anyone watch a semi-Saw style movie with Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood in a riddler style trap? I personally think that would be a fun movie to show Dick and Jason jockeying for alpha male/best robin spot while having Barbra pull most of the weight and at the same time cracking jokes at the expense of the two of them.

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That would be amazing, @tmcconnell.81058. I would love to watch this movie. :slight_smile:

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It would be a great way to cheer up the movie franchise a bit. And the 3 of them could make a great movie.

I would love that

I wouldn’t be interested an entire movie about that. A movie that has a sequence like that would be more interesting to me.

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I wouldn’t mind it but like Vroom, I’d prefer it just be a scene

I think Batfans in general enjoy the darker, grittier more “semi-Saw style” ranged movies. Wouldn’t mind the young Batfamily team up, not sure the Wise-cracking Babs and Robin v Robin dynamic. If written well, sure. Just seems a little out of sorts with the character. Dick is always the wise cracking person on the team. Babs is more focused and serious. Jason is edgy, dismissive and maybe ironic/sarcastic in his joke style. Just the dynamic seems campy for the “saw-style” initially suggested. But things that shouldn’t work on paper can be amazing with the right director and cast chemistry. So would just have to be done well.

So probably not a whole movie of a riddler/saw style, but and act maybe? Like act 1, then the rest of the movie steer towards more of the action style super hero?

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Maybe a segue towards the climax. Can serve as a tense nail-biter “Are they going to get out of this?” scene and then after the heroes escape and the viewer can breath a sigh of relief, the story climaxes to a satisfying conclusion.

As for it being the entirety of a story, it’d be perfect for an episode of a TV show. Pitch perfect actually.

I’d actually be really interested in that, @tmcconnell.81058. Couldn’t handle certain parts of the movies, personally (preferred the games instead), but what made me kept wanting to see it was simply the concept itself, which, of course, had a pretty macabre, but interesting level of gritty suspense that attracted me. I think, as you presented, could be applied in a really cool way to this situation. I’d be for it. Really like your idea as well, @Vroom!

Thanks for the comments guys. These boards really make the work day go by. I love the team work on the idea too, it really feels like fun conversation will fellow comic fans.

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Of course, @tmcconnell.81058, more than happy to be able to share the day with you on here :slight_smile: Hope you guys have had a wonderful weekend, btw!