Movies You DON’T Want to See

On a slightly OT note, I think its a bit harsh to call Michael Bay an @$$hole who doesn’t care about making good movies when The Rock, The Island, the first Transformers and 13 Hours are proof that he not only does care about making good movies but that he has made good movies as well.

Prior to movies, he also directed some pretty darn good music videos, but that’s another area of direction/discussion.


Michael Bay has made SOME good movies, I suppose, but he has made so many films with huge CGI explosions, one after another, that “Michael Bay-esque” has become a pejorative to a filmmaker.

Myself, I place him somewhere around the -5 level in which I already placed Zack Snyder, the king of unnecessary slo-mo.


Comet: The Movie. It’s like Lolita, except the creep is a sapient super-horse (presumably voiced by Jeremy Irons, essentially reprising his Humbert Humbert role from the 1997 film) longing after Supergirl. Not even Stanley Kubrick could save that one.

Hex 2, the sequel faithful to that awful Hex.