Movies You DON’T Want to See

We all have our dream DC movie projects. But what is the worst movie you could possibly think of — one that, using DC characters and settings, would be a complete flop critically and financially? Dream big and sink this whole operation right into the ground.

(Please refrain from using real world people in your descriptions. This isn’t about cast or crew, just a real stinker of a pitch.)


Huntress, black canary, zatanna and deadman go bowling

That would suck

Man, I’d watch that though. Deadman possessing the Birds so they flub their rolls, hilarious misunderstandings ensue.


Actually, I would totally watch that.

How about: Bat-Mite v Mr. Mxzptlk: Dawn of Mischief.

I’d watch that too! That’s basically the plot of “World’s Funnest,” a really underrated oneshot. You guys need to try harder to make a bad movie.


Swamp Thing based on Allen Moore’s run, with a much lower practical effects budget. The story would meander and have lousy pacing AND it would look like garbage. That would bomb both critically and financially.


Basically all the Robins realize that they are in love with batman and all have coitus with him and force him to choose.


Who the hell is Allen Moore?

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Pete Ross, Sears Assistant Manager. Middle aged former Clark Kent pal Pete Ross deals with employees and customers knowing that the death of big box retailers and his own expanding waistline and receding hair mean happiness will forever elude him.


NOW we’re talking, mgstv! I would NEVER watch that!

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I dunno… that could be a pretty interesting psychological flick; life after Superman. The Pete Ross story.


Just for you Q.
Spelling correction to “Alan Moore” (OMG!!! A typo…heaven for bleepin fend. When the hell is community 2.0 getting rolled out.)

Without great practical SFX, Swamp Thing would be a a critical and financial (as the series has shown so far) disaster. That would be a movie I don’t want to see.

You asked the question and that is my truthful answer.

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A movie about the bowel movements of Damian Wayne

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I’d never thought there’d ever be a day where I despised the idea of seeing a Star Wars movie.

Well here that day is.



Sorry shouldve read HCQ’s opening post. Please understand I’m going on no sleep at the moment.

After Chlorophyll kid is diagnosed with a terminal disease and given 10 days to live, Color Kid steals the time capsule to take his dying friend on a magical journey. The time capsule malfunctions and they get stuck in the byzantine era where they learn new things about themselves and develop a deep friendship that last for almost a week.


Batman: Into the Bat-Verse

Redhood spoilers, at the end of Pete Ross the Sears branch has closed and Pete begins is new minimum wage job a few doors down at the mall. The camera pans back revealing the Build-a-Hero sign. Through the window we see Pete watch a child build his own stuffed Superman doll.

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