Movies and comic speculation

There is a trend over the last few years. You’re all familiar with it. I call it the “movie increase.” It goes kinda like this.

  1. Movie Is Announced
  2. High Grade Key Issues Prices Explode

Sometimes they stay high. Sometimes they come back down.
This new trend doesn’t seem to be driven by reader/collectors. It seems driven by movie fan/collectors.

Anyway…I’m not here to complain. This is meant to be fun.

People were speculating at a local shop today. I think several GL issues are about to experience this phenomenon. The two issues I think might experience this most over the next couple of years are Shazam (73) #2 and GL vol 4 #25.

What are some of your picks?


I’m just questioning how we got to a point where Morbius back issues are going to be $50 books.


@Batwing52 I know. I bought a 9.8 of Batman 436 for my birthday. It was $100. I’m okay with that because eBay is a pain for sellers and grading isn’t cheap. I bet ya if Tim Drake ever shows up in a movie sellers would be moving it for $500 easy. My roommate has a friend that’s super into Marvel movies. Dude drops tons of money on comics, but he never reads them. It’s just so he can say “I have Nebula’s first appearance.”


I own one key: Secret Wars 8, which is the first appearance of Spider-Man’s black suit (my favorite comic costume of all time). I don’t really understand the idea of just buying a bunch of first appearances of characters just to say you have them unless they’re your absolute favorites. Unfortunately, my favorite superhero is Superman, so… buying his first app is kind of out of my price range.

I’m the same. I own seven key issues and I’m pretty sure they’re only key to me.


I have a similar feeling, I own a copy of Swamp Thing #34, #64, Animal Man #26, and Doom Patrol #65 for dirt cheap even though they are important single issues, Then again it’s better to get them cheap then expensive.

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Those are gems to me. I’m hoping upon hope that Black Label is essentially Vertigo with DCU characters.

With Wonder Woman 1984 on the horizon, I would imagine books that feature Cheetah and/or Maxwell Lord will be seeing an uptick in their speculation prospects if they haven’t already.

A dollar bin book with Max that couldn’t be given away will now have a $20 tag on it, etc.


Yeah @Vroom . I’ve seen a spike in Justice League 1 CGC 9.8.