Movie batman

Was a request from a friend a few years back. I thought everyone might like to see as well. Also working on a pair of killing joke vans and a scarecrow piece, so more to come.


Lucky friend!

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Another awesome piece, @phinox1981.46148! I love the classic Batman in two-tone black and white. Thank you for sharing!

What supplies did you use to create this? I received black watercolor paper for Christmas and found it a bit challenging to work with, as it loves to soak up any color that doesn’t have a solid white base.

Have you seen this video of Jim Lee drawing The Dark Knight? He uses black ink and then adds highlight details (and rain) using Wite-Out. Really cool technique and application that reminds me of your art!


Thank you @KeyFamily , actually I made this piece from some old Black foam poster board I found in my basement. I just sketched it out with pencil, in a really well lit room, then went over the sketch with white paint. The whole piece took a little over a hour. I never watched anyone draw or taken any class , outside of basic art class in public school, and failed every art class in school I’ve taken lol :joy:. Well except pottery class .

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