Movie Batman Battle Royale

Out of all the movie Batmans, and this list includes Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney Christian Bale and Ben Affleck who would win in a fight, my money is on Batfleck that dude’s crazy plus he moves the fastest is the strongest has the latest technology and can turn his head lol

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Ben Affleck is the strongest, fastest, most agile, and skilled fighter among all the Batmans, for sure. Bale is probably the weakest Batman. When he’s fighting, he keeps throwing left right left right haymakers, like an amateur.

Kilmer. He’ll just whip out that dodad from his utility belt that temporarily electrocutes his foes and when they’re down, he’ll do a spinning roundhouse to each of them, knocking them out. Then he’ll quote Clooney and say “Good night.”

Now if Conroy’s Batman popped into the fray, well…you know.

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Batfleck would murder all of them except one. That one he would brand with that Bat-branding iron.