Most Wanted Fight Scenes

Are there any characters you really want to see scrape it up in the comics? For instance, I’d love to see Batman take on John Constantine.

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I wanna see WW in Star Sapphire mode fight Carrol Ferris in Star Sapphire form. No hair pulling in that fight, it’d be a good one.

Since they are basically the same character, I’d like to see Doctor Manhattan versus Captain Atom. Couldn’t take place on an inhabited world of course.

Orion v. Darkseid, I’m sure it has happened before but I didn’t see it.
Guy Gardner v. Batman Round 2 might go different, but I doubt it.


I’d like to see a real fight between Green Lantern (Hal) and Superman. All the fights I’ve seen seem to strongly favor Superman, but in GL books, Hal is able to do things that I’d think would defeat Supes - or at least come out on even footing.

I think Mera’s powers look awesome, so seeing her fight most characters would be fun.

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A no holds barred, knock down/drag out between Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

All the Robins get dropped into an island and have to fight each other. Doesn’t take place in the universe

The Joker vs Cornelius Stirk (Two bloodthirsty freaks who just want to cause madness, but one just really likes eating hearts).
Bolt vs Ambush Bug ( it’s be great to see one lunatic teleporter face off against a villainous teleporter!).
Jim Gordon vs Dan Turpin ( Two famous cops who are legends in their respective P.D.s)

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