Most Prized Collectables

I still have my 1990’s Kenner Superman: The Man of Steel figures. Loved them as a kid and still love them as a collector. I still remember the day my Mom took me to the store at the beginning of Summer break and I picked out Superman and Steel to start off my collection.


My Greatest Adventure #80, 1st Doom Patrol, in high-grade. Not my most prized possession but its a monster book. Still underrated in my opinion. The Doom Patrol still needs more love.


@ultra_JROX Kenner’s Superman: Man of Steel line was and is fantastic! A very underrated line and their best Superman line by far.


Hmm…in regards to DC collectibles it would have to be Superman '78 DVD and “The Death and Life of Superman” novel by Roger Stern. I got them for my birthday from my parents, and they are still in my collection now.

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I’ve got a hardcover copy of “Secret Origins of the Super DC Heroes,” which included the Golden and Silver Age origin stories of most of the big heroes as of 1975. I would love to find a way to get Denny O’Neil to sign it (he wrote the intro pieces for each character).

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This one’s an honorable mention but I have a late 90s Superman toy from Jack in the Box. It’s a phone booth where Clark and change into Superman with the touch of a button. For a pack in toy its pretty good quality. Granted it’s still in its original plastic so I’ve never played with it.

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A copy of their letter head. It has the DC logo on the front and the back has characters drawn totem pole style up towards the logo. When you hold up the letter to read it, you get a hint of the characters from the back. It is cool and quite unexpected pick up from a collection I got in NY.

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