More Characters Than Just Batman

I truly love Batman and his dark, twisted world so I never tire of seeing him get the spotlight but I love the entirety of the DCU just as much and want to see other inhabitants get some individual shine as well. Meaning there should be days of the week every week dedicated to characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash just like the Bat does every Friday.

It’s obvious that Batman is WB’s top moneymaker but giving a digital push to others in the universe could make them comparably as profitable as the Dark Knight. We’re getting a first of its kind Aquaman film in less than two months, two likable actors as the Flash, as well as one of the immortals of comicdom, Grant Morrison, writing adventures for Green Lantern.

There’s much, much more to the DCU than just Batman and even though he truly is the coolest I doubt he’d have little problem sharing the stage with his peers.


I agree that wb needs to be more methodical with the other titles. Batman is a terrific character and is full of potential, even now for movies and comics. However, when it comes to most other movies they’ve shoved through to “combat” the MCU, they just keep poisoning the well. Several people have argued that DC character (with exception of the bat) are not translatable to the silver screen. I call bull. No matter how terrible its former iteration, any source material (book, comic, weird story you read) can be turned into a good or even great movie.
Wonder woman proved DC has more than one character that can produce results. The lesson there? Stop giving projects that has a following to whoever name of director you draw from a hat. Give it to someone who a) is competent b) give a damn about the source material and c) give a crap whether or not the movie is good.
As far as I see BvS and JL, yes they are failures. Spectacular ones. If you can learn from the plethora of mistakes made, listening to the complaint from the cast and crew, watching what caused the disjointed schism, you can easily make a better DCEU. With or without the old cast. The actors and actresses are solid. But get a director who cares. Even the best actor can’t fix a crap script and chaotic production where you are told a thousand answers for the same question (this is what happened to batfleck when he asked" what kind of Batman am I?")
As far as other characters, that route can work to slowly fix things, but it needs to be done right, methodical, not shoved through and pray it doesn’t suck at the box office.
My thoughts? The supersons comic series would be great for the whole family
Reapproach green lantern, but use a different character. John Stewart is a solid choice. Maybe add Kyle Gardner if you want some comedy/action.
Red Hood and the Outlaws could be a dark thriller ( but I am a huge fan so just ignore me on that) or once they finish the current Red Hood, outlaw story, start with that, work backwards.


I have the same criticism. Batman is the big moneymaker. But that’s largely because of the publicity he gets. Not many people read comics. But a LOT of people watch movies and shows, and play video games. You know who gets 90% of the spotlight in those forms of entertainment? The Batman and his supporting cast. Superman gets 9%, and the scraps go to those OTHER characters! Hisssss!

I love Batman. I really do. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t celebrating when Aquaman dethroned The Dark Knight Rises for most internationally profitable DC film. DC has so many wonderful non-Batfamily properties. I’m hoping we see them get more mainstream attention!

Isn’t The Flash the most successful DC show running on television right now? Why isn’t THAT being taken advantage of? Where are the Flash cartoons and video games???

@Matt toys don’t sell like they used to. Kids want their digital media and that’s about it. Things have changed

@DCComicsCrisis They sure have. And it’s the lack of toy sales that result in good cartoons getting cancelled. But I’m not advocating for more toys. I want WB/DC to have more faith in their non-Bat properties. In ALL forms of media.

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