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Second Annual Monster Mash


From the image above I think it’s pretty clear which character is October’s Character of the Month. Solomon Grundy has been, among other things, a long time foe of both the original Green Lantern: Alan Scott and the Justice Society of America.This session we are going to explore the many facets of this character both in comics and in other media. So let’s get going @CharactersOfDC members. Slaughter Swamp awaits!

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Character Stats

First appearance: All American Comics #61 (1944)

Creators: Alfred Bester & Paul Reinman

For even more information on Solomon Grundy and for further reading check out these links.

Character Wiki

Character Chronology

As always I will be posting each weeks topic at the beginning of the week on Mondays starting Monday Oct. 3.

Next Up

For November: Join C of DC as we celebrate our Anniversary by taking a look back at our very first Character of the Month: Jason Todd.

December 2022 thru March 2023 C of DC takes a hiatus but we will be back.

March 2023 We return and our Character of the Month will be The Question. :jack_o_lantern:


Welcome to the first week of our annual Monster Mashin celebration of Halloween. This week, since Solomon Grundy’s actual first appearance issue is not available on DCUI, we will be reading from the December 1945 issues of Comic Cavalcade. Here Solomon Grundy faces off against the OG Green Lantern: Alan Scott in “And Then There was One”.


Discussion Point

Over the years Grundy has had many incarnations. How did you feel about this earlier version of the character?


Far more dignified than his Long Halloween incarnation, for sure. :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually kind of liked him in this early story but I do enjoy Golden Age stuff so perhaps I’m a bit weird. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here is our second session of the month featuring a story from All Star Comics entitled " Revenge of Solomon Grundy" and from DC COMICS Presents titled “Sixty Deaths of Solomon Grundy”.



  1. Grundy has unique abilities. What would you do if you had them?

  2. Seems Grundy can even beat Superman with his raw strength. Do you feel that by doing so he’s OP?


In our Week Three session we will be taking a look at a couple of stories. The first is from Infinity, Inc and is called “The Saga of Solomon Grundy” and the second, from Batman: Shadow of the Bat is entitled “Solomon Grundy: One Night in Slaughter Swamp”.



  1. In this Infinity, Inc issue Grundy rehashed his past encounters with Green Lantern & his team mates. What did you think of this retelling and the fact that he seems to have a bit of a crush on Green Lanterns daughter, Jade?

  2. What did you think of Batman’s fight with Grundy?