Missing issues in Azrael: Agent of the Bat

Is there a reason that issues 41 through 49 of Azrael: Agent of the Bat are missing from DC Universe, Nook, Kindle, and Google Books?

I have no idea why, but they must not have been digitized. A shame, too. It’s an underrated series.

Yeah they aren’t digitized yet. Surprising considering the No Man’s Land stuff is in there

It’s not even like some other series where they just have the first few issues and some tie-ins; it’s specifically nine issues that are missing. Maybe the series is just that hard to find in hard copy, or whatever copies they had on file were damaged somehow?


I liked Azrael but it was always a casual like. I can’t ever recall being super hyped for it.

I can’t say it’s O’Neil’s best work, but I found it had an odd, scrappy underdog charm to it. I think I like it as a character study of Jean-Paul, even though the plots aren’t the most engaging otherwise. I guess I’d chalk it up to a guilty pleasure with a few not-so-guilty elements.