Missing DC Animated Films

Where are the DC Animated films Batman/Superman Public Enimies as well as Batman /Superman Apocalypse? Both for me stands as 2 of DC Animated best yet happen to be a no show.


They are probably going to cycle movies in and out

everytime I try to click on those movie All Star Superman and Batman /Superman Apocalypse on my roku tv it kicks my tv back to the roku menu . WTF is going on here . why provide these movies if we cannot watch them?

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Monaco your roku is seems to be showing you two movies that aren’t actually there?

Good thing I got these two on a two-pack DVD set.

Why provide the titles to All Star Superman and Batman/Superman Apocalypse and then not let us watch them. Not nice to tease us dc universe! Get your act together or people will start demanding their money back. You have had a long time since the service was announced to get this system right. Very amateurish!