Miss Wolf - Watch Club content (week 1)

Hello! The time is here to announce the 1st watch club film!
I am loyal to all superheros, but one is pure royalty. Litteraly!
So to celebrate the princess of Paradise island, we will be watching the film Wonder Woman, made in 2009.

How it works : on Saturday at 7:15 pm, I will post a thread, Which will be called “Miss Wolf - Watch Club (week 1)” that is where the discussion will go on.

How do I watch the film? : I’m not your boss silly! Choose any time between now, and Saturday to watch the film! The disscusion thread into is typed up there :arrow_up:

No spoilers here! If you have already seen the film, you are welcome to talk about it in the disscusion thread, once posted, but please, keep to yourself until then! Be a good member and don’t spoil!

Feel free to have post disscusion right here! But as mentioned above, no spoilers!

That’s all, and see you on Saturday!

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All watch clubs canceled
No enough commenters, and waste of time if no one will join in