Does anyone know if we’ll ever get the milestone imprint comics on here

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Due to legal issues, the word on the street for some time will likely be “no”.

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What’s the problem exactly? Would love more Static! And hopefully a new series?

Icon, rocket, hardware and static would be great to see more off


Milestone Media is actually very high on my list for comics that need to be on this app.

I really dont get why DC wouldnt just pay to use these characters more often across all forms of media. They are GREAT characters and they are probably the most genuine and authentically written minority characters of all time.
John Stewart, Cyborg, Luke Cage, Black Panther, they are all great and important characters but also kind of approximations of Black Americans from well meaning and compassionate white guys. Legends, but again Milestone characters are genuine cultural milestones and deserve to be seen.
The way Mcduffie wrote Icon and Rocket would probably be far more poignant, resonant, and appreciated voices than just turning a traditionally white character black and saying “look how thoughtful we are”.

Apparently, there are several lawsuits between old milestone and new milestone. Details here

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