Milestone is Coming Back!

It was confirmed at DCFandome, here’s an article on it:

I’m so excited, this is great news!


I’m so stoked! I can’t wait for Milestone to be back!


After a difficult year, THIS makes more than up for it!


I’ve never read Milestone myself, but I really enjoyed the panel. Everyone had such great energy and love for the characters. I’ll definitely check them out!




A Heroes Welcome is one of my favorite stories. The partner dynamic between Icon and Rocket is so well written.


BUt nothing about it making its way to DCU…

Applejack said there were some announcements about DCU coming up soon though

That is good news! I loved the Milestone titles, particularly Static, Icon, and Xombi. I was really disappointed when it shut down.

This was the most exciting thing I heard today. I was so excited when I discovered Milestone books on the rack at my comic store in the early 90s. I am so excited that they are bringing the line back. I’m also looking forward to the re-releases because I missed a bunch of Xombi.

If DC were to add Milestone, I’d love for there to be a way to read all of the titles in the order they were published. Sort of like you can read the Superman Triangle Era in order, I think it’d be really cool to experience Milestone the way it was originally published since most of the series debuted within a few weeks or months of each other.

In the FanDome panel, Lee mentioned the series being available on Comixology and I think he said Apple and “other partners”…it struck me like maybe there was an edit at the end where DCU was mentioned and cut out. Could be paranoia getting to me…

I would really hope all the reprinted stuff will appear on here. If not I know I’ll have to pick up a few of the titles. I loved the static shock cartoon as a kid.

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I’m STOKED to see new Static Shock. Static is my favourite superhero of all time

So we’re getting more static shock!!!