Milestone Comics

So I’ve been wondering for sometime when the Earth M books that were announced almost two years ago at this point, why isn’t there any updates on them?? Also since DC owns the license for the Milestone characters, I think it’s only right that they get added to the DCU comics section. I want to know more about Static, Icon and Hardware!!


I think the Earth-M line is going to be sidelined for an even longer time sadly, as would any new releases of the classic material.

Rumor has it there’s legal action going on that’s backed things up.


I don’t think it’s so much legal action as it is that the rights are tangled up between the various creators one of whom (Duane McDuffy) is sadly deceased. It’s something that will probably be resolved eventually but untangling everything will take time…similar to the issue with the Batman 66 series.

Yeah, it sounds like the want to do them is there, they just have to deal with all the legal troubles first.