Midnighter // the passenger // action comics backup story

The backup story that started in ACTION COMICS 1029 features Midnighter, and this has been my first exposure to the character.

I’ve really enjoyed the series so far, but I am so confused. I don’t know what the story is about, or what is going on. There have been some crazy reveals, and there is a lot going on. But as enjoyable as it all is, I don’t think I have any clue what is happening in the story.

As I understand it,
Midnighter has an AI in his head (maybe from the future?) that is talking to him and Apollo feels the tension and thinks that Midnighter is cheating on him. And then Mister Miracle is introduced but he is a prisoner. And WAR WORLD has become a thing in ACTION COMICS and MIDNIGHTER but I don’t know if they are even talking about the same
WAR WORLD or the same time period.

I’m enjoying the backup, despite not understanding it. Can anyone help explain it or give me some direction on things to read to make it make sense?

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You pretty much nailed it. This is the lead up to the story we saw during future state superman: world of war. Midnighter and the ai are the only characters in current continuity that existed during future state. Time travel can be weird some times. Lol

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See maybe that’s what I’m missing lol.

It seems like I’m completely overthinking everything or else I’m just totally missing it and I’m not always sure what side of that coin I’m on hahahaha.