Metamorpho should join the Legends of Tomorrow

I think Metamorpho would be the perfect character to join the Legends of Tomorrow on the CW, and my dream casting choice for him would be Christian Kane (from “Leverage” and “The Librarians”)

What about you? Which series should Metamorpho appear on, and which actor should play him?

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Can’t really decide which actor, but only way I could see him in legends is if they change it to where he is still human looking just with the element powers (which would be a huge change to his character) because would be hard for him to go undercover like they do if he did not look human.

I think he would be a better fit for The Flash but maybe that is just because they had Simon Stagg and most of the rest of his supporting cast appear in it. But can’t see him fitting in in another show. Would be an expensive character to do though so betting it would just be a one off.