Metal Men

Ok for you Metal Men fans out there, what is your favorite run? Im a huge fan of their teamups with Batman.


Yeah those teen muscle Batman are great fun.

I think a couple years before that they had their own series as well. I have maybe one or two issues of that my collection but mainly I have showcase metalman volumes 1 and 2 it’s all in black and white but then again Yin is one of my favorites so he looks about the same either way and his wife… I can’t remember what her name was. As I say all this Mercury is watching from above my desk…

“Showcase Metal Men”

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Oh oh oh oh that’s why I don’t remember Tin’s wife’s name… but that’s terrible!!

boo, hisss!!

The original Showcase run and Metal Men Vol1. Why? Ross Andru and Mike Esposito, baby! I hope those books make it to this app sometime soon. They are pure comic book gold.

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I really enjoyed the Metal Men feature from the Legends of Tomorrow mini.

All of the stories in that title were good, but Metal Men was the standout for me.


No I got to go check out the fire finally sold at Legends of tomorrow on eBay… maybe I’ll go reread those Metal Men stories… hey I bet they put it on this site!brb

Tin… not Yin…

All six issues of Legends of Tomorrow Anthology 2016 are here and each issue has that Metal Men story well well well

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Wasn’t here name nameless? Or something like that

That’s it…very c r u e l!!!

Are there any hidden Metal Men treasures in the past??

I like the coming of the Clique Doom Patrol, Metal Men team up & showcase.