Memorial to a hero (Heroes in Crisis spoilers)

As said in the title, Spoilers inbound for Heroes in Crisis

So Wally West, the one, true Flash, The Fastest Man Alive, is dead. He was my favorite character, and I’m sure he was many of yours as well. What’s your favorite Wally West moment?

No the one true flash is either Barry Allen or Jay Garrick and I lean more towards Jay Garrick

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I like Wally but true flash? Nah just nah

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I never liked the idea behind the One True Flash mentality. Maybe because by the time I got into him there were already two well established Flashes in DC History and Wally was really cominhg into his own and proving himself a worthy successor. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman Martian Manhunter and Aquaman are really the only five heroes that can claim a distinction like that. We’ve had at least two Green Arrows (I really miss Connor Hawke by the way) a Gadzillion Green Lanterns, a number of Steels, I’ve lost track of all the Robins and don’t even get me started on Hackmen/women/girls etc… Now, I myself, am a Wally West guy so I’m more than a little peeved at the easy way he keeps getting thrown into the grave the last few years (he’s becoming the DC equivilent to South Park’s Kenny!) I don’t think all hope is lost just yet and we might see some miraculous turn around by March when this story concludes. As to my favorite Wally moment? I think it’s at the climax to Terminal Velocity when he comes back from the speed force in living lightning mode and sends Kobra flying.

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I agree that Wally didn’t need to be sacrificed, again. But, because there is a glut of “successors”, they are the canon fodder of each and every “Crisis” book. Let’s face it. DC will never really kill off the “Big 3”. So, who does that leave? In order to have some kind of impact, they have to take out some one that is established. Too bad it wasn’t one of those later successors that were created by hack-kneed writers that insist on making a new character ie. Robins, Green Arrows/Speedy’s, Green Lanterns, Flashes, etc. These so-called writers only do so because they can’t create with-in the framework of continuity. Their excuse always is "I am updating a new character for today’s times. Hence, 4 Robin’s after the only true Robin, Dick Grayson. (6, if you count the new Batman Beyond and Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns)