Maxwell Lord? Who? Why? And what?

Who is Maxwell Lord? What does he do? Why was Wonder Woman pissed enough at him to break his neck? What’s his story?


So Maxwell Lord started out working with the Justice League International, giving them funding and general business ideas. He was kind of a smarmy businessman, but not actually evil. He was mostly a comedic character who was occasionally given a serious beat or two. Then, in the lead up to Infinite Crisis, it’s revealed that Lord works as the Black King of Check Mate, and has been manipulating the superhero community the entire time. When Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle, stumbles upon this information, Lord shoots and kills him. He then uses his mind manipulation abilities to take over Superman. Wonder Woman, realizing there’s no other way to stop Superman from basically killing anyone Lord wants dead, kills Max.


Max was also far more interesting before he was evil (and would have to be lying in his thought bubbles and able to fool a detailed mental probe by the Martian Manhunter in order to have actually been evil all along like Countdown to Infinite Crisis suggests), and if they aren’t going to fix that stupidity, I really wish they would just leave the poor guy alone.


Well. Guess that’s covered? lol. I was gonna drop some science but it’s been dropped.


Fun Fact! Maxwell Lord was going to be the villian of George Miller’s cancelled film, Justice League: Mortal, and would have been played by Jay Baruchel.


I would highly suggest getting the reading order & reading The Omac storyline on here. A lot of what’s been mentioned ties into that, but it stretches thru & keeps going. The WW neck snap etc. all involved in the Omac stuff. It’s truly awesome. Even involves Bruce Wayne murderer & fugitive & Sasha Bordeaux big time. Get to see her whole story from bodyguard to an Omac.

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I hate that Max has become cemented as a bad guy in other media. I was hoping we’d have the real guy back someday.