Mary Elizabeth Winstead cast as Huntress!

What is your thoughts on Mary Elizabeth winstead being casted as huntress? This was news awhile back but still wanted to get other people’s thoughts. I think this is a great pick and think she will kill it as huntress I loved her in 10 cloverfield lane

I like her. She was good in the Cloverfield flick, Live Free or Die Hard and especially in Scott Pilgrim vs The World. She’s cute and spunky in most roles; hope she’s a bad@$$ in BoP.

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Absolutely loved her in Scott Pilgrim vs The World, so I’m excited to see what she brings to the role of Huntress.

I’ve always liked her, really liked her in Fargo season 3. I cannot wait to see this Birds of Prey movie. It has the same writer that Bumblebee had, which I have yet to see, but critics and audiences alike seem to love that movie

From what I know about her, I think she has the acting ability (assuming it is a well-written movie). Given the press over her relationship with co-star Ewan McGregor (cast as Black Mask, and also good actor), I wonder if their relationship will detract from the actual movie.

Huntress is dating Black Mask, eh? I did not know that.

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Vroom I think he meant that Mary is dating Ewan in real life

Yes, I got that =)


Not exactly who I would first choose, but I’m willing to give her a shot.


I’m just elated there’s a Birds of Prey coming. Huntress is one of my all time favorites. I think she’ll do it justice.

I never watch trailers of movies I know I’m going to see, but I semi-broke my rule. There was a link on my iPhone when I opened it. Margot Robbie in a quick video, in her new Harley Quinn look. Quick, peeks at Winstead as Huntress. Then rumors that Ella Jay Basco might cast as Orphan. I absolutely can’t wait for this film. Huntress alone on the big screen would make my day. With Canary’s 1st big screen appearance, plus Robbie returning with a new Quinn look, I will be 1st in line opening day at my theatre.

She’s gonna kill it. No doubt. The whole cast is amazing.

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cbplanets. Totally agree. Can’t wait.

Oh I know the CW’s interpretation of character was horrendous