Mark Russel & Mike Allred take Superman to the "Space Age" in July

I’m a simple man. I see “Mark Russel”, “Mike Allred”, and “Superman” in a sentence, and I say “sign me the eff up!”

Meet Clark Kent, a young reporter who just learned that the world will soon come to an end (Crisis on Infinite Earths) and there is nothing he can do to save it. Sounds like a job for his alter ego…Superman! Superman: Space Age from critically acclaimed writer Mark Russell (One-Star Squadron and The Flintstones) and Eisner-winner artist Mike Allred (Silver Surfer and Bowie: Stardust, Rayguns & Moonage Daydreams) will be available in comic shops on July 26, 2022.


I’m not generally the biggest fan of Mike Allred’s art (I think it’s really just the eyes that are strange to me, the rest is really cool actually), but it looks amazing in these previews, and I am excited about this concept. I am always ready for big ambitious “prestige” Superman stories. :superman:


Russell and Allred?



WANT. :00_steel:

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I said this in the Discord, but Russell and Allred, to me, are about as perfect a dream team as one could make from living comic creators. This is the most exciting thing on the horizon .

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