Mark Ashworth aka Janitor Justin in Stargirl

Is this guys character a sleeper important character? I’m just asking cause i think hes might be important seeing as hes in 7 episodes?

Well, you don’t really want spoilers, do you?

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He’s a legend with a mop. I mean he’s good at floors.

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Well, those floors are definitely shining and squeaky clean after he’s done with them, don’t you think?


I’m glade you all are being Snarky, but don’t you think its odd that a Janitor randomly keeps showing up. Heck He even has is own Fandom page. I think hes been aRound for a lot longer than even the JSA.

He is a hero who i think lost his memory no he was not a jsaer but he does have a cool horse lol

If you read the Stars and STRIPE comics, then it’ll be pretty clear who they at least want you to think he is.