Manhunter: The Secret History

Newsarama Solicit:

written by MARC ANDREYKO
art and cover by RENATO GUEDES
variant cover by JAE LEE
After the revelation of Leviathan’s true identity in the pages of Event Leviathan, Kate Spencer—an earlier Manhunter—must go on a quest to uncover just how deep Leviathan’s plans go. What Kate didn’t expect is a conspiracy that goes back to the very beginnings of DC history! Unearthing the past to save the future, this is Manhunters: The Secret History! Eisner Award-winning writer Marc Andreyko returns to his classic crime-fighter in this hard-hitting miniseries that will reverberate across the DC Universe!
ON SALE 05.13.20
$3.99 US | 1 OF 5 | 32 PAGES

I am so excited that this is coming! I know it is only 5 issues, but give me Manhunter (Kate Spencer) any day of the week. I may have to go read Leviathan mini series now. What are others’ thoughts on this?


Excellent! I really enjoyed the Kate Spencer Manhunter series and I’m glad Andreyko is back to write her!


So looking forward to this. That ‘00s Andreyko Manhunter series is fantastic.


The Manhunter history is in dire need of straightening out, and Andreyko is the perfect fit for it.


I’m already sold on it! I’m glad DC is giving her another book, even if it is a miniseries. I was saddened when DC Universe said her solo title was one of the least read on this service. Hopefully her profile is raised enough that people check out her previous solo because it’s just that good!

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As someone who followed Andreyko’s original run as it came out, I’ll check this out to support him and Kate, and less so for its Event Leviathan connection.

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I haven’t read anything of Event Leviathan yet, but even if it is an absolute dud, if that’s what it takes to get more Marc Andreyko writing Kate Spencer in my life, so freaking worth it.


I remember the ups and downs of Kate’s ongoing and it’s cancelation.

“It’s cancelled.”

“It’s back!”

“It’s cancelled again.”


She was like the Spider-Girl of the DC line at the time.


An apt summation. :+1:

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I don’t know much about the Manhunters, so when I read Event Leviathan the big revelation did not do much for me, but I’m looking forward to this and I’m probably going to start reading Kate’s run here!

Kate’s solo Manhunter title was one of the absolute highlights of the Identity Crisis/One Year Later era of DC Comics, so I’m really excited to see her creator back writing her again.