Madame Rouge Loves Rita Farr?

On Instagram, several fans of the Doom Patrol TV series have proposed that there should be a romance between Madame Rouge and Rita Farr, and I was wondering everyone’s take on that idea? I think it sounds like it could make for a fascinating storyline. Given what had happened with Malcolm, it could be a one-sided love on the part of Madame Rouge, but still…


It is certainly an interesting idea. I don’t know how likely it would be though. I am not at all sure Madame Rouge has been lucky in love. Maybe I am reading too much into things, but I get the feeling she had a bit of a romance with The Chief, much as in the comic books. And then there’s the whole matter of Rita blaming Rouge for Malcolm’s death. I think you are right. I think it would have to be one-sided on the part of Madam Rouge for it to be realistic.


Of course, just because it’s one-sided doesn’t make it any less interesting.

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