Look Lt. Dan: new movies!

So, it looks like all of the animated movies that left on January 1st have returned. Batman & Mr.Freeze: Subzero and The Batman vs. Dracula are new arrivals. They’re both in HD (first time for TBvD) and they look spectacular!

The returning movies are:

-Batman: Under the Red Hood
-Batman: Year One
-Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
-Justice League: Doom
-Justice League: Gods and Monsters
-Justice League: The New Frontier
-Justice League vs. Teen Titans

As previously stated, Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero and The Batman vs. Dracula are new to DCU.

Please feel free to notate any returning movies I may have missed in my list.

Happy Watching =)


Correction: Everything but the Green Lantern movies looks to have returned.

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I knew they’d be back soon and am sure GL films will as well later on. Yay for Batman/Mr.Freeze: SubZero!

Never seen Batman vs Dracula but have wanted too

Nice guess I’m watching batman year one today

Thanks for the heads up I missed a few of these the first time

Did somebody already decide when to do a The Batman vs Dracula watch-along? I remember someone mentioned it a bit ago.

@iJest, that’s news to me but I’m up for it. The Batman vs. Dracula (aka The Other Batman Movie from 2005) is surprisingly mature and creepy in places.