Lois Lane Reaction

:slightly_smiling_face: Hi dcu_joe, Thankyou for showing me the comic where Clark show Lois he’s Superman in action comic. But the story ended before we saw how Lois react, we see she’s shock, so what happened next, was she angry or happy? Do you guys have the comic in your library?

Would have been funny if her reaction was something like “Oh… oh I knew that… I mean you just put on glasses… I’m a reporter… like I wouldn’t know it was you with glasses… I just… didn’t want to hurt your feelings… yeah… that’s it!”


I’m not DCU_Joe, but as I recall Lois got pretty mad that Clark had kept this from her for so long and needed a break from him. Eventually they talked it out and the wedding was back on.


That make sense, Thankyou guys! :slightly_smiling_face:

The immediate Follow up is in Superman #53 from the 1987-2006 run. But they didn’t get a chance to do a real talk out about the whole thing until Superman #59