Local Comic Book Shop Closing 😔

My local comic book shop is closing at the end of the month. This was the second store of the two owned by the same people and the other one is further away but still drivable.

For a while now I’ve wondered why I kept going to the comic shop since I can get DC books for less $ and delivered to my home via Subscriptions.DCComics.com or can simply wait six months to read the book on here. Ultimately it was the people that worked there. I like them, I’ve gotten to know them and I wanted to support their business to keep them all employed. With that now not being a factor I’m debating if I’ll even bother to go to the other shop at all.

It’s sad to see the changing of the business model for comics but reality is that digital comics are cheaper, faster and easier to read due to being mobile. There will always be comic book shops as people will always want to buy physical books or collections but there’s no doubt there will be less of them in the future.

Starting in June DC Universe Infinite is my local comic book shop and I’m happy to say that I love this place. What’s not to love? I wake up every Tuesday morning to another big stack of comics delivered to my phone or computer just waiting for me to read them!


That’s a bummer.

You never want to see a local shop close.


I’m sorry to hear your local comic book shop is closing, especially considering how close you’ve gotten with those that work there.

I’m happy, however, to see you enjoying DCUI and our community! :slight_smile: I also love that I can get on DCUI with either a few clicks or taps and have so much content sitting and waiting for me to read. It’s an enjoyable and humbling feeling tbh because not so long ago a service like this was inconceivable. Thank you very much, internet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: