Live action comic?

So I had this idea for a live action comic, and basically you just take pictures of actors doing the comic stuff and that would be the panels. I doubt it would be good enough to sustain, but I’d like to see at least one DC comic made like this.

Not a horrible idea, but I really don’t think it would look good. I’d be surprised if somebody didn’t already try in the past.

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I’m not really sure how it would look I just want to see it

There’s a watchmen motion comic on here

Its kinda neat

Yeah, but it’s not live action

I’ve seen this usually with some sort of filter to make it look a little more hand drawn. It doesn’t work well in my opinion. It lacks the fluidity and sense of realism of live action video and the ability to exaggerate dynamically of comics. Usually, they try to do comic book style posing and expressions which just look less fluid when it comes to action and ridiculous when it comes to expressions.

Can’t think of a particular place I’ve seen it though.

Just Google Photo Comic. Anybody like that style?

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Actuall, Google Comic Book Done with Photos. That yields more results.

Part of it is the color pallet which few people consider. You can change colors of everything in comics to make it blend and set tone. Doing that with pictures requires set dressing and photoshop.

I’ve seen one or two indie books like this on Atop the Fourth Wall, but… given that they were on Atop the Fourth Wall, you can infer the budget and quality.

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In a sense, that’s what Alex Ross (and other artists) do. He’ll take reference photos of friends and models dressed as the characters and then draws/paints from that. Those pictures can look a little goofy though, but are also done on a small budget.

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