Lex Luthor Presents: DCU Shark Tank

Greetings, mindless trolls-- I mean valued DC Universe customers. I’m sure you know who I am, but in case you are unaware of the greatest mind of our time, I am Lex Luthor. And in my unending crusade to, ahem, better the world and help all you useless oafs-- I mean wonderful people, I have assembled what is known as a “Shark Tank”. Bring forth your inventions that promise to make life in a world of superheroes easier. Everyday, at about 4:30pm EST, myself, along with some fellow entrepreneurs such as Bruce Wayne and Michael Holt, will look at all brought to is from the past twenty four hours and then our moronic-- I mean gracious host Tornado Soup will announce the best invention of the day. The winner will be granted full support and funding from LexCorp, Wayne Enterprises, Terrific Technologies, Tyler Chemicals and other massive companies in the form of… bragging rights! The most useful of resources. Some days there will be prompts, although other times your imagination will be allowed to run wild. Now go and create!


Imagine you want to learn to program, but you never seem to pursue it.

With an ESP32 Based Portable Computer you can!
You have a 2.8 inch Ili9341 TFT screen.
A custom built Qwerty keyboard (Connects to Data port).
Micro USB charging Capability.
A LIPO Battery.
A Cartridge reader for reading and writing existing programs in python. And that’s not all!
This portable computer is housed in a Gameboy Pocket reproduction Shell! Don’t like Red? Choose Pink!

Note:The image is our goal for this product!


Having superheroes flying over your head fighting bad guys all the time? it can be frustrating finding shelter while massive battles happen among the good & evil, heck it can cost your life or your love ones’ most of the time. Are you tired of running for your life from massive meaningless skirmishes between the meta-humans. Are you sick of playing hide and seek with your life in mass destruction environments? well with are new mother box technology improving each day, soon… everyone will have a mini “mother box” of their own! when you need to leave any battle ground you accidentally stumble into, you have the power now to save your love ones surrounded you and not have to wait cowardly for so called “super heroes” to safe you. I introduce to you to the “safety box”. this outstanding new computer chip made from New god’s technology can be installed in any smart phone! it can take you any place around the world in seconds! but why go some where that you don’t know of, or have the risk of transporting in a wall or something. no worries we got you’re back! with the “safety box app” you can choose one of our designated 52 resorts around the globe. with state of art luxury, unlimited food, rooms for each family plan, and guarantee to stay at the resort until the battle you leave from is over! we even have live broadcasts of the fights, so you don’t miss out the heavy action! no more hiding under wreckage, no more running with all your’e might down the street, and no more risking your life! with the safety box, you are now your’e own hero!


Depressed? Anxious? Scared?

Fear not, citizen! BatJamagsCo has just the thing to brighten your day!

With our special, patented Funny Gas, you’ll never be down again! Just take a sniff, and you can laugh anything off! After all, laughter is the best medicine. Get your Funny Gas today!

Side effects may include paralysis, forced grinning, uncontrollable laughter, and slow, painful death. Don’t ask your doctor before trying Funny Gas. The Joker is holding me hostage and making me submit this, and I’m banking on his not noticing if I hide this in the disclaimers. Send help. BatJamagsCo is not liable for any side effects caused by Funny Gas. Funny Gas is a trademark of BatJamagsCo, and trademark infringement will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Buy your Funny Gas now, and get the joke TODAY!


The panel today (comprised of Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne, Micheal Holt, Carol Ferris and Ted Kord) spent a long time deliberating, but finally decided to give it to @Sector4bes for taking technology that has historically been used negatively to better the world. Congrats on the bragging rights awarded. But everyone, including myself, wanted to say all entries did a wonderful job.

Also, I feel I should mention that Mr. Wayne was unable to vote. After reading BatJamags’ entry he said he had other business he needed to attend to or something.

If anyone else has ideas, even if you already entered today, feel free to bring them forward to see who can win the coveted bragging rights next.

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