Let's talk about Hush

So Riddler went through all that, got super intelligence, coopted the villains to work for him, he got near full control over superman, learned batman was the head of a billion dollar corporation, all just so he could try to best him in a fist fight at the end? The RIDDLER went through all this just to punch batman in the face? What kind of stupid plan was that


I hated that ending so much. I just finished it and it felt like they were trying to twist it so the people who are familiar with the comic wouldn’t see it coming but it didn’t pan out that well. Still a solid movie though.

It’s not my fave DCAU film, but it’s not the worst either. I didn’t mind the twist, but why did they put Batman back at old 80’s suit? I just don’t get, for the life of me, DC’s obsession with Batman and Superman’s outdated uniforms. I’m guessing it won’t be long before they stick Superman back in his undies in the DCAU as well. Bummer.

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@Mighty-Icon, I think they were going for the Jim Lee suit. I will say I liked it because it didn’t have that weird chin nub the other suit in these films had.

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And what was Catwoman so pissed about in the end? That Batman wouldn’t kill? “Maybe someday…” maybe someday what exactly? Maybe someday Batman will kill villains so THEN they can be together? It made no sense to me.

Yeah the ending was definitely the worst part. But aside from that I enjoyed it.

I get were catwoman was coming from. She fell in love, and had forgotten how obsessive Bruce is with his code, and that final moment made her realise that again.

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