Let's talk about Arkham Asylum

So why is it that every time our caped crusader nabes a villian, (ex. The Joker) they end up going to Arkham, and when they break out everyone is super surprised that they managed to get through security and undermine the staff to escape. It’s happened how many times? Why isn’t there a prison designed specifically to hold Gothams biggest criminals, with an overwhelming amount of staff, security, technology, and strict schedule for said criminals. “Oh no, Joker escaped Arkham, again, did t see that coming.” Yeah, so etching needs to be done. Also, why aren’t Gothams citizens concerned about this problem?

Short answer: Because you have to keep making stories.


We bring knives, they bring guns.

I’m guessing the real estate in Gotham is SUPER affordable by now, with all the bonkers criminal activity that happens there. And yes, I’m sure the Gotham citizens are concerned. I think of all the downtrodden and crime-ridden or undereducated sectors of the world and what efforts we can make to try and minimize them just a little bit. I feel Gotham is more like our own cities than we are comfortable admitting.

That being said, it sounds like a story from the perspective of Gotham citizens, and the way they handle its criminals, would be an amazing way to peer into the prison industrial complex. Great questions, @HarleyQuinnzely :slight_smile: