Let's Pitch Elseworlds Scenarios

Hey, gang! With Elseworlds officially returning in the new year, and the new season of Marvel’s What If… ? coming even sooner, I’ve been thinking about what kinds of strange, new realities we might like to see. An Elseworlds tale can be anything: It can be a specific event going differently (like Justice League of America: The Nail), characters being placed in an entirely new setting (like Dark Knights of Steel), or even just a change to the status quo that would never fly in mainstream continuity (like JLA: Created Equal) or a possible future (like Batman: I, Joker). I know at least some of our Community are talented storytellers in our own right, so… Let’s go-o-o-o-o!


I have some ideas guarantied to bring in big money and fan adoration.

The Star Spangled Knight Returns- A ripoff of The Dark Knight Returns starring Stargirl

The Bandanaed Knight Returns- A ripoff of The Dark Knight Returns starring Vigilante

The Shining Knight Returns- A ripoff of The Dark Knight Returns starring Shining Knight

The Silent Knight Returns- A ripoff of The Dark Knight Returns starring Hawkman

The Silent Knight’s Wife Returns- A ripoff of The Dark Knight Returns starring Hawkwoman

The Silent Knight’s Son Returns- A ripoff of The Dark Knight Returns starring Superman

The Wonderful Knight Returns- A ripoff of The Dark Knight Returns starring Wonder Woman.

The Emerald Knight Returns- A ripoff of The Dark Knight Returns starring Green Lantern


How 'bout a ripoff of Dark Knight Returns staring Batman, just a thought. :man_shrugging:


Give me a 1939 World’s Finest Superman/Batman story.

But only using the elements found within the two mythos from June 1938 through May 1939, so for example, Superman can’t fly yet. Let it lean a lot closer to the pulp tradition of the time…almost a Doc Savage/The Shadow kind of thing.


Kingdom Come but with Gen 13, DV8, and other next generation heroes getting out of hand. The Authority comes out of retirement to put them back in place.


Elseworld where Martian Manhunter in a post-apocalyptic world is secretly in hiding protecting others while his persona John Jones is a sheriff of a town helping train a group of people to protect it from the dangers of the wastes.


since martians were mentioned maybe an elseworld where the 2 main Martians we all know and love are actually evil and hunt people down and eat flesh as well as being unable to speak and when in someones mind isnt in english either and just comes out as a screech
a hero survival story against just those 2 would be insane


Sounds to samey. :laughing:


Neat idea.


Would these all be set in their own Universes, like the classic What If… ? issue where various different people are bitten by the radioactive spider, or are you envisioning a Murphyverse or Ultimate Marvel-esque shared Universe?


There have been stories along the lines of “What if the Waynes hadn’t died?”, but I don’t think I have seen any along the lines of “What if the Flying Graysons had never died?”.




I would maybe do krypton did not explode so the krypton empire will try to conquer the earth story.
Maybe also do a elseworlds about legion of super heroes starting in the 21st century rather than the 31st century. Pulsar Stargrave would be brainiac 2, Querl Dox would be brainiac 3. Saturn has Jemm, Titan has Lanothian Imra Ardeen.


This could be fun. Kara Zor-el is the chief scientist and her trusty sidekick is her younger cousin Kal and General Zod leads the Kryptonian fleet.

Unlike the Daxamites in rhe old Invasion series, the Kryptonians know about their powers. It was mentikned in one of the book they knew but when they gave up conquest, the kniwledge of powers was hidden.

Bruce leads the planetary resistance. Lex is in spot two in forces.

Kara and Bruce find a strong attraction.

Kal meets and falls for Lana.

And story proceeds feom there.

DC, let me write it. Itll be a hit


I don’t know where I suggested this before (maybe here, maybe Facebook) but I had this idea of a Batman comic where Bruce Wayne is really just a bored rich guy who turns to fighting criminals as a manner of getting his kicks. There’s no personal event that drives him to do it, he just does it because “it’s something to do!”
Meanwhile, his parents are constantly trying to get him to step up and take an interest in the family company, and marry that nice Girl Julie Madison.
While this is all happening, a strange series of murders is occurring all over Gotham!
Men and women (husbands and wives to be precise) are being gunned down in front of their children in dark alleys.


Everyone’s story ideas posted in this thread are very spiffy but I really love this ^^^ whole idea. It completely fits with the Elseworlds concept at it’s most fundamental level. Good stuff @golddragon71. :+1:


That is my 40s serials.




Well, that one was a no-brainer.

Hmmmm… Not really seeing it, but a competent writer could probably sell me on it.

Again, YES.


Instead of Thomas and Martha Wayne dying, Bruce and Martha die. Thomas goes insane and becomes a serial kidnapper in an attempt to fill the void of his dead family. Alfred is forced to take the identity of Batman to find Thomas, and save him from his own insanity. However, Alfred needs to find him quickly because Commissioner Gordon has all of the GCPD looking for the violent abductor.


How about all the Waynes die instead and Alfred becomes Batman by night, butler by day for different Waynes who don’t appreciate him. Maybe their young child blackmails Alfred into becoming his sidekick.