Let's Make A DC Blacklist!

There is this wonderful NBC show called The Blacklist, where the fourth most-wanted man in the world, Raymond Reddington, helps the FBI find criminals on the titular list. These criminals are the ones that keep the system going and that no Law Enforcement Agency even knows to go after, whether they be murderers or politicians or fixers.

So, why don’t we make a list like that? A list of the hidden monsters in DC Comics that hide behind the scenes, the ones that cross the lines that even criminals shouldn’t cross. Let’s bring them into the light, so to speak.

The Blacklist:

No. 27: Maxwell Lord.

No. 188: King Faraday.

No. 17: Deathstroke.

No. 212: Junior.

No. 230: Ra’s Al Ghul.

No. 333: Lex Luthor.

No. 163: Vandal Savage.

No. 112: Simon Stagg.

No 309: The Network.

No. 04: The Court of Owls.

No. 119: The Calculator.

No. 300: Lady Shiva.

No. 03: Amanda Waller.

No. 267: Jeffery Burr.

No. 255: The Eraser.

No. 22: The Knife.


@Samsonkillingtime, I saw you typing before. Any ideas?


Well… It wasn’t a idea. Lol. More like a question? :sweat_smile:
It was like written in a manner of "is this a trap? Am I about to be tricked?
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So… if where talking about characters than definitely the villian Dr. Light. DC has a weird hatred for Maxwell Lord, but strangely they hate less of the character who committed one of the worst things I seen in a mainstream comic. And PLEASE DON’T say what he did or share the panel, lets just acknowledge what happened in Identity Crisis and be done with it.

For real people I got to say Brendan Fletcher. Guy help create a popular version of Batgirl, but he’s a creep and I’m glad he’s stop working at DC.

For Jokes…I don’t know, maybe @wrrrryyyy12?
He’s got to be crook I just know it. :laughing:


No trick. Anyway, I can say Max Lord fits. Very few people, even without the government, know the gravity of his actions.


Oh please not Max Lord. Lol
I think he’s so misunderstood and DC should have not written him as a villain. I was referring to Dr. Light because he’s way worse.


I mean, he WORKS. But I was thinking of characters like the Kingmaker, a character from the Blacklist. He was a political expert who manipulated political careers. He acted as a mercenary who drove politicians to the pinnacle of power or decimated their careers. His tactics ranged from staging media events to assassinating the competition. He was said to groom his clients for years, deciding their education, careers, and even their family. According to Raymond Reddington, the Kingmaker was single-handedly responsible for the rise and fall of some of the world‘s most influential politicians.


yep im evil you caught me


(I added this to my above post, but I knew it wouldn’t be seen.)

Another good example from Blacklist is Floriana Campo. Campo spent 15 years working for the United Nations stationed mostly in Eastern Europe and occasionally in North Africa. She was also instrumental in passing the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000. Afterwards, she founded a non-profit human rights organization that raised over 35,000,000 dollars to fight human and sex trafficking. In 2010, her husband was killed by the Eberhardt Cartel, a notoriously ruthless human trafficking organization. Elizabeth Keen wrote her senior thesis about her work in Kuala Lumpur.
However, in reality, Campo RAN the Eberhardt Cartel, had her husband killed and used a lot of that $35,000,000 to fund the Cartel, and then freed captured people that would most likely suffer from mental decline just to save face.
Didn’t expect THAT, did you?


we talking about dc or real life im confused


Campo is a fictional character, as is Kingmaker. They are examples from the Blacklist series.


Oh okay I see what this is now. If you want a dangerous figure in the intelligence community. Then might I share with you King Faraday. Secret Agent of the CIA and Checkmate. Think of him as the original Amanda Waller of the DCU. He does not like Superheroes and wants to contain them from becoming more prevalent. He’s a threat because he sought to capture superheroes and I believe in the Rebirth era he was even more dangerous as a villain due to a alien virus that slowed his aging.


i saw dr light here and i was wondering if you meant you want characters who belong on a list

my offer to this is slade


I’ll nominate Junior, from Gail Simone’s Secret Six and Birds of Prey. The crime lord who rules the west coast from a wooden crate, in a small room, with nothing but a landline phone and a yellow notepad.


The ruthless man working from the shadows has to be…


…yes, Ra’s Al Ghul the leader of the League of Assassins who wants to wipe out most of humanity to save the Earth.


I’ve never watched the show, but I feel like we’re talking about the capitalist scumbags who hurt the world from behind a desk. The obvious pick is Lex Luthor.

We could also give nods to Simon Stagg, Vandal Savage, Glen Glenmorgan, The Court of Owls, and “The Network” from Tynion’s Joker series. I’ll probably think of more later on.


Loved Liam Neeson’s version of him.


My choice would be Darkseid. I mean, his whole deal is literally to psychically control the entire universe with the Anti-life equation.


So far, all suggestions have been added to the top of the thread. Thank you, @Samsonkillingtime, @wrrrryyyy12, @HubCityQuestion, and @TravisMorgan

Also, @raider_dave66, Daarkseid is too… BIG, and not in a size-manner. Too well known.


I think a perfect DC Blacklist candidate would be Calculator, the information broker for the criminal underworld. I could see him as almost a rival, or perhaps even a former associate, to the DC equivalent of Reddington.


Smart! I didn’t think of that, since the only version of Calculator I know is the one from Teen Titans GO!, which I am embarrassed by.