Let’s Talk About Joshua Williamson Flash Run

I feel like Williamsons Flash run isn’t receiving enough attention. He is over 100 books in on his run and it has produced some seriously solid stories…and a few duds (all those extra Forces weren’t great).The Flash war, the negative speed force stuff, Godspeed, this current story with Thawne…all have been quietly some of the best rebirth stuff.


I just started his run, and as someone who has not read much flash up to this point, I am thoroughly enjoying it.


The best possible Flash books are probably the Wally West series written by Geoff Johns. Followed by Mark Waids Flash Year One. Honestly Barry Allen hasn’t had all that many good stories until this run…

Unless someone can point out some great new 52 stuff to me…


I’d also say it’s hit or miss. There have been stretches where the writing has felt pretty simplistic/passable, and while there have been a lot of great ideas, the execution on turning them into interesting stories hasn’t been great a lot of the time. That said, I did love Flash War and I’m also really enjoying the current Finish Line arc, so I can certainly give credit where it’s due, just not on the run as a whole


I’m also in the hit and miss camp.

When Williamson’s Flash is good, it’s good, but when it stumbles, it’s in need of a creative breather while the other, consistently good titles race by it.


Ah, for sure it is hit and miss. The force stuff was horrible, but also felt like it was a tie in to the incredibly bad Snyder JL stuff.

I will definitely agree that Waid, Johns, and even the Bart Allen as Flash stuff is lightyears better and consistent.

Within this current run is a lot of fun underrated stuff tho. And what other rebirth title is still running with its original writer?

I’m probably a month behind (dcbservice) but if you are referring to

Spoiler spoiler spoiler

Attemptining a spoiler tag here…

Zoom as Barry that should have definitely lasted longer than a page meet up with Bart

I guess it’s tough making all the scripts hit. Time crunches in comics seem similar to those from the old world model of churning out weekly television series, the writers being forced to create at white heat speed. Such demands lend themselves to off the rails narratives which ultimately are presented to the world.

No writer in the world could have made that forces arc work tho. It was a blatant Green Lantern colors rip off.

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