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Me too, I think it’s an interesting take on the character. Also, I think modern writers of Hal kind of have this issue where they’re trying to force him to act like his young self despite the fact that because of everything he’s gone through he’s just not that person anymore. If it was up to me I’d lean into this and give Hal a full mid life crisis because I like to see him suffer. But I do think DC needs to let him grow up, narratively speaking


I’m taking away DC’s Constantine privileges until they learn to take responsibility for him


Can I shut his brain off?



I just read a thing about the scene in Hellblazer Original Sins where John Constantine hallucinates his ideal self, and he’s wearing the blue suit, he’s clean-shaven and has his hair neatly combed. And they were saying how like. John is in fact a person that cares a lot about the way he looks and puts a lot of care and pride into his appearance, and he looks like such a wreck most of the time not out of choice but because he’s been beaten down by addiction, poverty, and mental illness.




Looking back, she’s honestly the worst part about B&R. The others are not…great, but lol but still kinda fun and entertaining. She is just annoying. She exists to say ‘how dare you exploit Alfred’ or to give Ivy some kinda feminist tirade. She’s like Lisa Simpsons, ‘***** no one asked!’

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