Let’s get a Super Sons cartoon!

I’ve started a thread under the Watchtower board but this says to connect with DC Talent so here’s in hope having my voice heard. I remember when Super Sons #1 came out, how fast they flew off the shelves at all our LCS and I also remember the heart breaking day the series was canceled. Yea, we have The Adventures of the Super Sons in current publication right now, but how awesome would it be to have a Super Sons cartoon series, exclusive here to the DC Universe. You could have Jay Olivia direct since he already helped build Damien Wayne in the DCEU animated movies and has an understanding of this character. And I know people will say that people don’t know who Jonathan Kent is or they don’t have enough established villains, which is very true but Damien does. Damien has his demons from his past with the year of blood(from Robin: Son of Batman) and his upbringing with the League of Assassins. And the beauty with Jonathan Kent is the fact that most people don’t know his backstory because he’s never been featured in any tv/movie/cartoon adaption due to being recently introduced so you could also do that, while also introducing the audience to other new characters like Lor-Zod, Zod’s son who was also just introduced to comics. You could even begin the inevitable fued that they will eventually have. And with this being Jonathan Kent’s introduction as the new Superboy, the creators would have enough material to create a series as they will also have to build Damien and Jonathan’s relationship from their first meeting (Superman Rebirth #10 In the Name of the Father) to the point of being partners. It would also give creators the opportunity to step up with their storytelling and/or possibility to create new characters for DC like Bruce Timm did with Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya (Batman the Animated Series). The world is ready to finally see Jonathan and Damien shine in all their glory and hilarity. Let see Robin and Superboy become THE SUPER SONS!!!


This sounds quite promising. Given how I am all thing Damien and Jon (They are the iconic next gen super best friends), such a premise, and plot would be easy to catch the interest of viewers, and celebrate the world’s finest sons.

I approve!

I support this!

I feel kids would love it

I support this!

If I could have clicked the like button on your post a couple dozen times I would have😀

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I’m all for it happening someday. Would love to see a movie or cartoon show about them.

I could see that

That would be awesome! Personally I wish the new DCAU was less like n52 and more like Rebirth just for Super-Dad alone

Do it in CG

I think Super Sons is the best thing DC has done since, Rebirth.

I would love to watch a Super Sons cartoon.

LOOOOVE Super Sons!!! One of the things that bothered me most about the Bendis Superman (a long list I won’t get into here) was losing Jon. At least we got a 12 issue maxi series that takes place before his current status. An animated series would be incredible. I love the dynamic between Jon and Damian

I would love this show and I think it would be great to add to the streaming service or even just on Cartoon Network or something like that

Would be nice to have a lighter hearted show

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That would be great!

All for this, but I motion to add that some of the other next gen heroes- such as Colin Wilkes- be added.

I absolutely agree with this. I think it be a fantastic idea. I think the animation stly of the orginal Ben 10 cartoon would suit it. Anyone who like HunterXHunter can see that a cartoon of their adventures would be a lot of fun


I’d gladly watch it! I really think they need to get some more stuff on here for kids. Super Sons and Li’l Gotham seem like good choices!


Also I would have Damian and Jon be in a relationship cause it is so unique because one is dark and brooding while the other is happy go lucky and positive all the time