Leslie Jordan

We will be going in depth on Leslie Jordan’s career on my podcast later tonight, but I was wondering what everyone felt were some of his greatest roles. Of course, tying to DC Comics, he played Shirley Pheeney’s brother on Lois and Clark, but his credits are vast and so many fantastic performances. Gone way too soon, but his legacy will live forever…


I am sad about Leslie Jordan. He was just so funny! I remember him best from the shows Hearts Afire and Will & Grace, but he did a lot of guest appearances in his career. He guest starred on Star Trek: Voyager as a Ferengi who are using technology to pass themselves off as demigods on a primitive world. On Boston Legal he had a recurring role as a character who killed people with frying pans.


I never watched Star Trek or Boston Legal, but he sounds like he was a lot of fun on Legal. Have you ever seen the Sordid Lives movies and series? That’s my favorite performance from him, so hysterically funny…


I have seen any of the Sordid Lives movies or the TV series. He was always a lot of fun in any role he played!


I watched Sordid Lives for Olivia Newton-John, but fell in love with the whole series instantly. I highly recommend it…

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