Legionaires Shout!!

Legion fans, ourvoices were heard before, and now we are about to drown in every Legion Tale ever digitized!

How does that make you feel? Which runs are you most jazzed to see?

I gotta have me some of that early '60s 13 year old Jim Shooter writing magic in a bottle!! They should totally have a young teenager write a comic book for them again someday!


I’d like to buy an "N’ please Pat…

Everything from Levitz.


I always liked Legion of Superheros. It is among my top 5 favorite titles.

There are a couple runs that I never did get to finish, now maybe I will finally get to see how those story arcs came to and end.

I would have to dig out my inventory list, and dig through my comics, to take a look-see, before I could name names though.

As for how it makes me feel? Nifty. :wink:



Ling Live The Legion!

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Oh, I should clarify, I count all Superman titles as one group title.


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Couldn’t agree more, Don-El. Remember, those great Silver Age Adventures Comics(Featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes) were not only written by Jim Shooter, but they were penciled by the master–Curt Swan. Some of the greatest comics ever produced by DC.

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A full Legion read is number one on my to-do list. I’m sure I’ll take breaks to dig in elsewhere as well, but let’s say 3 of every 5 reading days minimum.


Superboy #202 (featuring the Legion of Superheroes) was the very first comic I bought for myself in 1974. I have been a Legion fan ever since. I love that we have a lot of the Keith Giffen stuff from the 80’s on here, but I am so so excited to have more on here. I just wish they would bring them back into the current continuity.


Sadly alot of great stuff from the Legion’s early years in Adventure Comics still hasn’t been digitized or is only available in collected form. The Ed Hamilton stuff is surprisingly ahead of its time in the way it builds a story across multiple issues.


Who doesn’t love the Legion? One of the best team franchises in pop culture.

thrusts Legion Flight Ring into the air proudly


Long Live the Legion!


So Happy! There was a time when the Legion was one of DC’s flagship titles. Hope this exposes a whole new generation (only exposed to the cartoon series) to their comic greatness. And helps prompt DC to start a new series. Hopefully better than the last one (sorry, not sorry). Long Live The Legion!

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