Legion of Superheroes merch PLEASE!

Can we PLEASE get some Legion of Superheroes merchandise!! I’m talking some cool action figures based on our favorite Legionnaires (made by McFarlane or DC Collectibles would be fantastic!), Legion mugs, Legion posters, Legion backpacks, and that glorious Legion symbol on clothing of all kinds (hats! t-shirts! jackets!) Perhaps some clothing featuring not just the Legion symbol, but artwork of our favorite Legionnaires as well. I’ve been a huge Legion fan for a long time and they’re never represented in the merchandise arena as much as the other DC characters. Please consider Legion in future merchandising!! Long Live The Legion!! :slight_smile:


I wholeheartedly agree. I would love some LoSH merch.


I need some Crazy Quilt merch.

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Me too! I’d love me some Crazy Quilt merch lol!